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Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player

Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player

Sam Palatnik, Larry Parr, Jami Anson

ISBN: 978-1-889-32327-5

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1269 pages

Select type: Paperback

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It's been said that "tactics are 99% of chess." This third volume of the Comprehensive Chess Course teaches you the basic tools of winning chess with instructive and memorable examples. Grandmasters Alburt and Palatnik thoroughly explain hundreds of key positions arranged by difficulty and designed to sharpen tactical recognition and vision in your own games. Nothing is left to chance in this work. All materials have already shown their worth in Russian chess instruction.

GM Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course brings English readers the once strictly guarded and time-tested Russian training methods, the key to the 50-year Russian dominance of world chess. Comprehensive Chess Course takes you from beginner to master.