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Child-Friendly Therapy: Biopsychosocial Innovations for Children and Families

Child-Friendly Therapy: Biopsychosocial Innovations for Children and Families

Marcia B. Stern

ISBN: 978-0-393-70355-9

256 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Psychologist and family therapist Marcia Stern presents a playful and creative family-centered treatment for today's kids. She uses a biopsychosocial perspective to provide a framework for intervention not only across several therapeutic domains, but also across home and school environments. Her approach results in rapid and long-lasting gains with children who may have social problems, interpersonal difficulties, learning disabilities, or suffer from a spectrum of related psychiatric problems, including internalizing and/or externalizing disorders. The therapy described in Child-Friendly Therapy helps the family understand the child's difficulties from multiple perspectives and leads to fresh understandings of often- misunderstood children. Family-members work as a team, strategizing and collaborating in a child-friendly, systemically informed treatment. Action-oriented techniques are emphasized, which engage family members through right-brain learning, and include visual imagery, metaphor, and imaginative play. The child is recognized as a person in and of him- or herself, is actively engaged, and becomes a protagonist who learns in the presence of and along with the family. This lively informative book is filled with case examples, useful innovative tools, multisensory skill-building activities, as well as practical suggestions for setting up the therapy room and organizing sessions. Child-Friendly Therapy is an essential guide for all clinicians who work with children.