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Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health: A Resource for Advanced Practice Psychiatric and Primary Care Practitioners in Nursing



Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health: A Resource for Advanced Practice Psychiatric and Primary Care Practitioners in Nursing

Edilma L. Yearwood (Editor), Geraldine S. Pearson (Editor), Jamesetta A. Newland (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-96328-9 January 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 592 Pages


As an increasing number of children and adolescents with psychiatric symptoms go unrecognized in our current healthcare system, the ability to identify and treat these issues in multiple healthcare settings has become vitally important. With access to primary care providers increasing and a shortage of child psychiatric providers, collaboration between psychiatric, pediatric and family advanced practice nurses is essential to improving care for this vulnerable population. Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health provides a practical reference to aid in this endeavour. Written and reviewed by over 70 nurse experts, it is a must-have reference for all practitioners caring for children and adolescents.

About the Editors



By Janet A. Deatrick


By Judith Haber


By Edilma Yearwood, Geraldine Pearson, and Jamesetta Newland

Peer Reviewers

SECTION 1 Assessment

1 Child, Adolescent, and Family Development

Stephanie Wright, Cecily L. Betz, and Edilma L. Yearwood

2 Temperament and Self-Regulation

Pamela Galehouse and Marie Foley

3 Neurobiology and Neurophysiology of Behavioral/Psychiatric Disorders

Lawrence D. Scahill and Susan Boorin

4 Integration of Physical and Psychiatric Assessment

Barbara Schoen Johnson and Jamesetta A. Newland

5 Child and Adolescent Sexual Development and Sexual Identity Issues

Tammi Damas, Laura C. Hein, Lois C. Powell, and Edith (Emma) Dundon

SECTION 2 Treatment

6 Issues in Prescribing Psychiatric Medication to Children and Adolescents

Geraldine S. Pearson, Beth Muller, and Amanda Reilly

7 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Geraldine S. Pearson and Angela A. Crowley

8 Anxiety Disorders

Geraldine S. Pearson and Kathleen Kenney-Riley

9 Mood Dysregulation Disorders

Edilma L. Yearwood and Mikki Meadows-Oliver

10 Deliberate Self-Harm: Nonsuicidal Self-Injury and Suicide in Children and Adolescents

Edilma L. Yearwood and Eve Bosnick

11 Perceptual Alterations Disorders

Karen G. Schepp and Eunjung Kim

12 Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Janiece DeSocio and Joan B. Riley

13 Autism Spectrum Disorder

Judith Coucouvanis, Donna Hallas, and Jean Nelson Farley

14 Learning and Intellectual Disabilities

Linda M. Finke and Patricia Ryan-Krause

15 Nonpharmacological Treatment Modalities: Play and Group Therapies

Judith Hirsh and Edilma L. Yearwood

16 Individual and Family Therapies

Kathleen Scharer

17 Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

Kathleen R. Delaney and Elizabeth Hawkins-Walsh

SECTION 3 Special Populations

18 Disorders Specific to Infants and Young Children

Sandra J. Weiss and Cathy Quides

19 Juvenile Justice Populations

Deborah Shelton and Elizabeth Bonham

20 Substance Use

Maureen Reed Killeen, Caroline R. McKinnon, and Judith Hirsh

21 Child and Adolescent Victims of Trauma

Angela Amar, Natalie McClain, and Carol Anne Marchetti

22 Children in Out-of-Home Placement

Diane M. Caruso, Charlotte A. Herrick, Robin Bartlett, and Carolyn Schmidt

23 Chronic and Palliative Care Pediatric Populations

Penelope R. Buschman-Gemma, Jean Nelson Farley, and Cynda H. Rushton

SECTION 4 Special Issues

24 Collaborative Treatment with Primary Care

Jamesetta A. Newland and Kathryn K. Ellis

25 Legal and Ethical Issues

Margaret Hardy and Sarah B. Vittone

26 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

Donna Hallas and Elizabeth Bonham

27 Influence of Culture/Needs of Immigrant Children

Edilma L. Yearwood and Ellen Carroll

28 Conducting Research with At-Risk and High-Risk Children and Adolescents

M. Katherine Hutchinson and Elizabeth Burgess Dowdell

29 Advanced Practice Nurses Interfacing with the School System

Ellen Carroll, Allison W. Kilcoyne, and Pamela Galehouse

30 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Policy

Sally Raphel and Kathy Ann Sheehy


“Overall, this is a book I will consult when I need authoritative advice on specific diagnoses and definitions of disorders.  It is also one I will use when writing an assignment, because I know I can trust the quality of writing and referencing.”  (Nursing Children and Young People, 1 September 2012)