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Children's Nursing in Practice: The Nottingham Model

Children's Nursing in Practice: The Nottingham Model

Fiona Smith, Nottingham Children's Nurses

ISBN: 978-0-632-03909-8

Apr 1995, Wiley-Blackwell

244 pages

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The Nottingham model of care, working with children and their parents, evolved in response to the needs of children and families and out of a shared commitment to change. The Children's Unit in Nottingham has a high profile nationally and internationally and has striven to adapt, create and develop innovative practice to meet the needs of sick children and their families. Childrens Nursing in Practice: The Nottingham Model outlines the practice application of the model with numerous case studies. It challenges accepted practice and provides a theoretical and conceptual framework to guide and enchance the delivery of care within children's units. In Nottingham, parents, families and nurses work together to create a "homelike" environment that enables children and families to maintain some control over their lives by facilitating the development of additional caring skills and knowledge. This is achieved by a process of staff development and the creation of a supportive environment. The model is about caring not only for patients and relatives but also staff. With increasing interest in nursing theories and models and their application to practice, this book is an essential source of information for all practitioners working with children.



Part 1: Developing the Model.

1 Striving or Excellence.

2 The Nottingham Model.

Part 2: Using the Model in Practice.

And Introduction to the Caring Process.

3 Assessment.

4 Planning Care.

5 Nursing Action.

6 Review of Nursing Action and Assessment of Progress.

Part 3: Extending the Model.


7 Caring for a Child and Family Within an Accident and Emergency Department.

8 Enabling Shorter Lengths of Stay.

9 Promoting Safety: A Theater Checklist and Core Care Plans.

Part 4: From Hospital to Home.

10 Facilitating Care at Home.

Appendix 1: Parent Information Leaflets.

Appendix 2: Ward Information Leaflets.



* adopts a child and family focused approach * written by experts in the field * bridges the theory-practice gap * case studies to highlight practical application