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Children, Health and Well-being: Policy Debates and Lived Experience



Children, Health and Well-being: Policy Debates and Lived Experience

Geraldine Brady, Pam Lowe, Sonja Olin Lauritzen

ISBN: 978-1-119-06954-6 June 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 168 Pages


This book brings together new and leading scholars, who demonstrate the importance of research with children and from a child perspective, allowing for a fuller understanding of the meaning and impact of health and illness in children’s lives.

  • Demonstrates the importance of research with children and research from a child perspective, in order to fully understand the meaning and impact of health and illness in children’s lives
  • Encourages critical reflection on contemporary health policy and its relationships to culturally specific ways of knowing and understanding children’s health
  • Brings together new and leading scholars in the field of children’s health and illness
  • Moves the highly important issue of children’s health into the mainstream sociology of health and illness

Notes on contributors vii

1 Connecting a sociology of childhood perspective with the study of child health, illness and wellbeing: introduction 1
Geraldine Brady, Pam Lowe and Sonja Olin Lauritzen

2 Where is the child? A discursive exploration of the positioning of children in research on mental–health-promoting interventions 13
Disa Bergnehr and Karin Zetterqvist Nelson

3 Biologising parenting: neuroscience discourse, English social and public health policy and understandings of the child 27
Pam Lowe, Ellie Lee and Jan Macvarish

4 Obesity in question: understandings of body shape, self and normalcy among children in Malta 41
Gillian M. Martin

5 ‘You have to do 60 minutes of physical activity per day . . . I saw it on TV’: Children’s constructions of play in the context of Canadian public health discourse of playing for health. 55
Stephanie A. Alexander, Caroline Fusco and Katherine L. Frohlich

6 Parents’ experiences of diagnostic processes of young children in Norwegian day-care institutions 69
Terese Wilhelmsen and Randi Dyblie Nilsen

7 The meaning of a label for teenagers negotiating identity: experiences with autism spectrum disorder 83
Lise Mogensen and Jan Mason

8 What am I ‘living’ with? Growing up with HIV in Uganda and Zimbabwe 98
Sarah Bernays, Janet Seeley, Tim Rhodes and Zivai Mupambireyi

9 Food, risk and place: agency and negotiations of young people with food allergy 112
Marie-Louise Stjerna

10 Negotiating pain: the joint construction of a child’s bodily sensation 126
Laura Jenkins

11 Understanding inter-generational relations: the case of health maintenance by children 140
Berry Mayall

Index 153