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Children Behaving Badly?: Peer Violence Between Children and Young People

Children Behaving Badly?: Peer Violence Between Children and Young People

Christine Barter (Editor), David Berridge (Co-Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-99606-4 May 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 262 Pages




Children Behaving Badly? is the first publication to directly address the complexity of peer violence from a range of disciplines and perspectives.
  • Provides important insights into theoretical understanding of the issue and produces significant and far reaching implications for policy and practice developments
  • Based on up-to-date research evidence and includes some unpublished findings from recognized experts in multidisciplinary fields
  • Challenges many populist and damaging representations of youth violence and the associated narratives of modern youth as essentially ‘evil’
List of Contributors.


1 Introduction (Christine Barter and David Berridge).

Part I Peer Violence in Different Contexts.

2 Understanding Dimensions of 'Peer Violence' in Preschool Settings: An Exploration of Key Issues and Questions (Jane Brown).

3 Understanding Why Children and Young People Engage in Bullying at School (Helen Cowie).

4 Sibling Abuse and Bullying in Childhood and Adolescence: Knowns and Unknowns (Paul B. Naylor, Laurie Petch and Jenna V. Williams).

5 Young People, Gangs and Street-based Violence (Tara Young and Simon Hallsworth).

6 Peer Violence in Provision for Children in Care (Andrew Kendrick).

Part II Different Forms of Peer Violence.

7 Young Men, Violence and Racism (Les Back).

8 A Thoroughly Gendered Affair: Teenage Partner Violence and Exploitation (Christine Barter).

9 Children and Young People with Harmful Sexual Behaviours (Simon Hackett).

10 Homophobia and Peer Violence (Ian Rivers).

Part III Understanding Peer Violence.

11 Impact of Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence (Veronica M. Herrera and Jeffrey Stuewig).

12 Media Representations of Youth Violence (Sharon L. Nichols).

13 Boys, Girls and Performing Normative Violence in Schools: A Gendered Critique of Bully Discourses (Jessica Ringrose and Emma Renold).

Part IV Responding to Peer Violence.

14 Bullets, Blades and Mean Streets: Youth Violence and Criminal Justice Failure (Peter Squires and Carlie Goldsmith).

15 Delivering Preventive Programmes in Schools: Identifying Gender Issues (Nicky Stanley, Jane Ellis and Jo Bell).

16 Conclusion (David Berridge and Christine Barter).


""It is, therefore, both a useful introduction to the conceptual and definitional issues relating to peer violence, as well as to the substantive issues relating to the individual chapter topics."" (Children & Society, 2011)

""The subject matter makes for an uncomfortable read but it is worth the endeavour. This is an important text that social workers should read and absorb."" (Oxford Journals Clippings, 1 January 2012)