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Children Doing Mathematics

Children Doing Mathematics

Terezinha Nunes, Peter Bryant

ISBN: 978-0-631-18472-0

May 1996, Wiley-Blackwell

292 pages

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Children Doing Mathematics provides a reliable and up to date review of the substantial recent work in children' mathematical understanding. The authors also present important new research on children's understanding of number, measurement, arithmetic operation and fractions both in and out of school.

The central theme of Children Doing Mathematics is that there are crucial conditions for children's mathematical learning. Firstly, children have to come to grips with conventional mathematical systems. Secondly, but equally important, they have to be able to present mathematical knowledge in a way that solves problems. The book also discusses how mathematical activities and knowledge involve much more than what is currently viewed as mathematics in the school curriculum. Most recent work illustrates how children can be successful in mathematical activities outside school whereas they fail in similar activities in the classroom. Through these two underlying themes the authors bring together discussions on conventional mathematical learning and on real life mathematical success. In so doing, they also highlight new and better ways of analysing children's abilities and of advancing their learning in school.

1. Explaining Numeracy.

2. Beginning with Counting.

3. Understanding Numeration Systems.

4. Measurement Systems.

5. Mathematics Under Different Names.

6. Giving Meaning to Addition and Subtraction.

7. The Progress to Multiplication and Division.

8. Understanding Rational Numbers.

9. Conclusions.

"Children doing mathematics must surely be essential reading and reference for anyone with an interest in mathematics education for young children. The book is very readable, dealing with complex issues in a clearly-structured and engaging manner. It is well-presented and has a delightful cover that will be the envy of many other authors in the field of education." Mathematics Education Review

"Researchers in all disciplines will be stimulated by this book. Practitioners will find it rewarding and honest. Above all it is a work that impresses as the outline at least of a convincing developmental account. In the best of traditions the authors leave us wanting more." British Journal of Developmental Psychology

"This book provides a readable account of the difficult area of children's mathematical understanding. Written in a clear, concise style and aided by a straightforward presentation, the book reviews a large and sometimes disparate body of work. It should be a valued addition not just to the libraries of those with a direct interest in maths issues but also to those with a general interest in how children's thinking develops" BPS Developmental Psychology Section Newsletter

"In the flurry of interest in improving mathematics education a more fitting book could not have been written."

"Chapters 7 and 8 examines multiplicative situations, division, and rational numbers. The selection and synthesis of the research and the ensuing discussion in these two chapters is very compelling. Graduate level students, I believe, would find these two chapters to be of distinct interest. These chapters described above are all quite lucid and highly readable. The authors have deftly found their way through the multitude of research."

"The reviews of research that Nunes and Bryant offer are top notch." Terry Wood, Educational Studies in Mathematics