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Children and the Law: The Essential Readings



Children and the Law: The Essential Readings

Ray Bull (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-22683-3 August 2001 Wiley-Blackwell 448 Pages

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This volume brings together thirteen essential readings illustrating the most important issues in dealing with children as victims, witnesses or perpetrators of crime.


Part I: Child Victimization:.

1. Victimization of Children: David Finkelhor and Jennifer Dzuiba-Leatherman.

2. Impact of Sexual Abuse on Children: A Review and Sysnthesis of Recent Empirical Studies: Kathleen A. Kendall-Tachett, Linda Meyer Williams and David Finkelhor.

3. Community-Level Factors and Child Maltreatment Rates: Beth Paterson..

Part II: Reliability of Children's Accounts:.

4. Reliability and Credibility of Young Children's Reports: From Research to Polity and Practice: Maggie Bruck, Stephen J. Ceci and Helene Hembrooke.

5. Emotion and Memory: Children's Long-Term Remembering, Forgetting and Suggestibility: Jodi A. Quas, Ggail S. Goodman, Ssue Bidrose, Margaret-Ellen Pipe, Susan Craw and Deborah S. Ablin.

6. Assessing the Accuracy of Young Children's Reports: Debra Poole and D. Stephen Lindsay.

7. Eyewitness Identification Accuracy of Children: A Summary: Joanna D. Pozzulo and Rod Lindsay..

Part III: Truth and Lies:.

8. Breaking the Mould: A Fresh Look at Children's Understanding of Questions about Lies and Mistakes: Michael Siegal and Candida C. Peterson.

9. Discussing Truth and Lies in Interviews with Children: Whether, Why, and How?: Mary Lyn Huffman, Amye R. Warren and Susan M. Larson..

Part IV: Children and the Legal System:.

10. Face-to-Face Confrontation: Effects of Closed-Circuit Technology on Children's Eyewitness Testimony and Jurors' Decisions: Gail S. Goodman, Ann E. Tobey, Jennifer M. Batterman-Faunce, Holly Orcutt, Sherry Thomas, Cheryl Shapiro and Toby Sachsenmaier.

11. When Lawyers Question Children: Is Justice Served?: Nancy W. Perry, Bradley D. McAuliff, Paulette Tam, Linda Claycomb, Colleen Dostal and Cameron Flanagan..

Part V: Children as Perpetrators:.

12. The Development of Male Offending: Key Findings from the First Decade of the Pittsburgh Youth Study: Rolf Leober, DavidP. Farrington, Magda Stouthamer-Loeber, Terrie E. Moffitt and Avshalom Caspi.

13. Child and Adolescent Sex Abuse Perpetrators: A Review of the Research Literature: Eileen Vizared, Elizabeth Monck and Peter Misch.


"In this volume, Professor Bull has compiled some of the most important articles on sexual abuse. It is particularly noteworthy that the collection includes seminal and central articles on the incidence, characteristics, and effects of sexual abuse; children's memory capacities and credibility, cognitive development, and practical issues concerning the ways in which children function in and are affected by legal institutions. All of these specialized topics are typically the focus of individual volumes, each too narrow to be of much value to students searching for a broad and clear understanding of the issues. Bull's new collection thus fills a noteworthy void; students and their teachers will be indebted to him." Michael Lamb; National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Children and the Law: The Essential Readings is edited by Ray Bull, one of the United Kingdom's foremost and pioneering forensic psychologists. This book offers a thought provoking collection of papers to illustrate the difficulties and misunderstandings that can easily arise when children's lives and experiences collide with the requirements of the law. The five parts of the book cover the victimization of children, child witnesses' reliability and credibility, children's understanding of deception, their performance in the legal system, and their position as perpetrators of crimes. Children and the Law contains an outstanding collection of original papers and summary articles by internationally recognised contributors which will challenge students and researchers in both law and the social sciences to consider their own perspectives and methodologies. Those left eager for more are given suggested further readings and reflections by the editor rooted in his personal experiences. Helen Westcott, Open University

"An ideal teaching and study resource. The papers should be of value to anyone who wants to learn more about children and the courts; practising professionals and laypersons alike. It goes without saying that the volume would be of value to students of psychology, child welfare, and law." Bob Duckett, Reference Reviews, Vol 16, 2002

"An enlightening read and one to be commended." Peggy Ray, Family Law, March 2002.

  • Brings together key papers on child development and the law.

  • Helps readers understand how to assist children to give truthful accounts.

  • Examines how children can best be accommodated in our legal systems.

  • Makes the link between child victimisation and children who go on to commit crime.