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Childrens Literature: A Developmental Perspective

Childrens Literature: A Developmental Perspective

Barbara E. Travers, John F. Travers

ISBN: 978-0-470-47499-0 December 2008 464 Pages




Those who work with children need a wide and deep knowledge of children's literature. This new text, through its developmental approach, examines children's abilities, needs, and interests. Children's Literature: A Developmental Perspective combines children's literature with developmental psychology, aiming to better prepare future teachers to meet the needs of individual children and to help develop their literary skills. By reading this text, students will learn what makes the most recently published books attractive to children, while still recognizing the value of books that have held children's interests in the past.

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Part One. Introduction.

Chapter 1. Children, Literature, And Development: Interactions And Insights.

Chapter 2. Children And Their Literature: Changes Through The Years.

Part Two. Understanding Children's Literature.

Chapter 3. Genres In Children's Literature.

Chapter 4. Analyzing, Selecting, And Responding To Children's Literature.

Chapter 5. The Craft Of Writing And Illustrating.

Chapter 6. Diversity In Children's Literature.

Part Three. The Content Of Children's Literature.

Chapter 7. Literature For The Early Years (Birth To Two).

Chapter 8. Literature For The Preschool Years (2-4).

Chapter 9. Literature For The Early Elementary School Years (5-7).

Chapter 10. Literature For The Intermediate Years (8-11).

Chapter 11. Literature For The Middle School Years (11-14).

Chapter 12. Literature For The High School Years (14-18).

Part Four. Topics For Teachers And Librarians.

Chapter 13. Science Literature Through The Grades: A Curricular Model.

Chapter 14. Issues For Teachers And Librarians.