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Choosing General Practice: Your Career Guide

Choosing General Practice: Your Career Guide

Anne Hastie (Editor), Anne E. Stephenson (Editor), Roger Jones (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-1-405-17070-3

Feb 2008, BMJ Books

200 pages

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This book takes the reader through the various aspects of a career in general practice from the time of applying to medical school until retirement. It will be a practical guide for anyone who is interested in the profession.

There have been a lot of changes to medical careers over the last few years that are now coming to completion, making this a thoroughly up to date guide for all those thinking of going into general practice.




Chapter 1: General practice: past, present and future (Roger Jones, King’s College London).

Chapter 2: A day in the life of a general practitioner (Richard Savage, Guys & St. Thomas Hospital VTS and Suzanne Savage, London Deanery).

Chapter 3: Applying for medical school (John Rees, King’s College London).

Chapter 4: Undergraduate training (Helen Graham, King’s College London).

Chapter 5: Foundation training (Jan Welch, Guy’s Hospital, London).

Chapter 6: Specialty training for general practice (Tim Swanwick, London Deanery).

Chapter 7: Royal College of General Practitioners (Nav Chana, London Deanery).

Chapter 8: Further training opportunities (Steve Mowle, London Deanery).

Chapter 9: Flexible training and working (Anne Hastie, London Deanery).

Chapter 10: Returner and retainer schemes (Anwar Khan, London Deanery and Rebecca Viney, London Deanery).

Chapter 11: Principals, partnerships and salaried posts (Rebecca Viney, London Deanery and Catherine Jenson, Broomwood Road Surgery, Kent).

Chapter 12: Portfolio working (Maria Elliott, King’s College London).

Chapter 13: Academic general practice (Anne Stephenson, King’s College London; Neil Jackson, London Deanery; and Roger Jones, King’s College London).

Chapter 14: Teaching in general practice (Amanda Platts, London Deanery; and Anne Stephenson, King’s College London).

Chapter 15: Professional values (John Spicer, University of London).

Chapter 16: General practitioners with special interests (Roger Jones, King’s College London).

Chapter 17: Leadership and management (Julia Whiteman, London Deanery).

Chapter 18: Towards Retirement (Roger May, General Practitioner (retired)).


“The authors clearly enjoy their work … .They provide a clear picture of what to expect and how to navigate what can be a confusing journey. The authors describe the process well for readers who have no previous understanding of what's involved. In fact, there are very important lessons for U.S. physicians as we contemplate the future of the American system of medicine. This is an excellent book that lays out the history, the requirements, and the reality of general practice. I would highly recommend it for inclusion in school and public libraries to make it easily available for all.” (Doody's Book Reviews, November 2008)
A comprehensive guide to the various aspects involved in choosing a career in general practice

  • Covers from the time of applying to medical school, through to retirement
  • Includes the latest information on medical careers to assist readers to make informed choices
  • Gives real insight into the day-to-day life of a GP
  • A unique, practical guide for anyone interested in the profession