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Christian Feminist Theology: A Constructive Interpretation

Christian Feminist Theology: A Constructive Interpretation

Denise L. Carmody

ISBN: 978-1-557-86587-8

Jan 1996, Wiley-Blackwell

288 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This new introductory text constructs a Christian feminist theology, and lays out a view of the world indebted to both traditional Christian faith and recent feminist thought critical of that faith. Throughout the book Professor Carmody weaves back and forth, trying to develop a conversation stimulating for both partners. Christians, she suggests, need to reconsider their traditional categories for dealing with God, nature, the self, and human community, under the challenge of feminists who find such categories inadequate and even destructive. And feminists need to stay in touch with the perennial questions of being, sin, grace, sacramentality, and the like, which have found some truly profound answers in the history of Christian theological speculation. The book will be suitable for undergraduate college or university students, and presupposes no background in theology.

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1. Introduction: Constructive Christian Feminist Theology.

2. Foundations.

3. Revelation and Tradition.

4. Creation: Nature and Ecology.

5. Ecclesiology: Society and Politics.

6. Anthropology: The Self Sick and Healthy.

7. Theology: God So Far and Yet So Near.

8. Practice: Ethics and Spirituality.

9. Conclusion.




"Carmody aims for constructive theology - a theology which makes use of its sources, traditional Christianity and feminism, to present Christian theology as a relevant voice in our time... Carmody's book is certainly an important contribution to the genre of undergraduate textbooks. It shifts feminist theology from its marginal position of being an optional extra, an academic luxury or a side interest of mainly female theologicans, to being an essential part of mainstream theology, an important tool for re-reading and making sense of the Christian tradition. Carmody's book is not one of ready-made answers, but the author introduces her reader to critical and constructive theological thinking, presented in accessible language. As such the book represents both a challenge and a useful tool, and will hopefully find its way on to reading lists in universities and colleges.
It's for anyone interested in a basic understanding of a Christian feminist theology and critical thought - for those with no theological background." Feminist Bookstore News

"Carmody's style is fluid and sweeping, engaging in its lyricism .... Carmody's approach is balanced and judicious, equally adept at critiquing secular feminism and the oppressive record of the Christian churches toward women." Francis J. Buckley, University of San Francisco for Horizons

* Written by a very experienced textbook author.
* The first genuine `textbook' treatment of feminist theology, geared to undergraduate courses.