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Chromans and Tocopherols, Volume 36

Chromans and Tocopherols, Volume 36

Gwynn P. Ellis (Editor), Ian M. Lockhart (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-18860-6

Sep 2009

469 pages


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Professionals in the field comprehensively summarize all the literature that pertains to known members of these classes of compounds. An extensive subject index and comprehensive tables of all recognized compounds permit easy location of data.
Chromans and Tocopherols--Introduction (G. P. Ellis and I. M.


Chroman, Alkyl-, and Arylchromans (R. Livingstone).

Chromanols and Tocopherols (R. M. Parkhurst and W. A.


Alkoxychromans (R. Livingstone).

Halogenochromans (R. Livingstone).

Nitro- and Aminochromans (I. M. Lockhart).

Bz-Oxochromans (I. M. Lockhart).

Chroman Carboxaldehydes (G. P. Ellis).

Chroman Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives (G. P. Ellis).

Spirochromans (C. Smolinski).

Author Index.

Subject Index.