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Chromium in the Natural and Human Environments

Chromium in the Natural and Human Environments

Jerome O. Nriagu (Editor), Evert Nieboer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-85643-6 March 1988 571 Pages


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Provides a comprehensive chemical and biochemical treatment on the effects of chromium in the environment and in man. Such an integrated treatment of the chemical and biochemical aspects of chromium is novel and has not appeared in the published literature. Reviews the information on global cycling and environmental occurrence of chromium compounds, which defines the extent of the environmental and toxicological concern. The treatment of chromium chemistry provides the basis for toxicological models of chromium hypersensitivity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, and toxicokinetics. Chapters contain graphical representations of the voluminous mutagenicity and animal carcinogenicity data according to chromium compound type, and a tabular summary of all published epidemiological data, broken down according to industry. Also covers clinical patterns, prognosis, pathogenesis, prophylaxis, and environmental and biological monitoring.
Historical Perspectives (J. Nriagu).

Biological Chemistry of Chromium (E. Nieboer & A. Jusys).

Production and Uses of Chromium (J. Nriagu).

Atmospheric Emissions of Chromium from Natural and Anthropogenic Sources (J. Pacyna & J. Nriagu).

Distribution and Characteristic Features of Chromium in the Atmosphere (J. Nriagu, et al.).

Geochemistry of Chromium in the Oceans (L. Mayer).

Occurrence and Distribution of Chromium in Natural Waters of India (B. Handa).

Chromium Contamination of Groundwater (L. Calder).

Chromium Removal from Industrial Wastewaters (S. Beszedits).

Mobility and Bioavailability of Chromium in Soils (R. Bartlett & B. James).

Chromium Toxicity to Algae and Bacteria (P. Wong & J. Trevors).

The Significance of the Interactions of Chromium and Bacteria in Aquatic Habitats (M. Loutit, et al.).

Chromium Toxicity: Effects of Microogranisms with Special Reference to the Soil Matrix (R. Coleman).

Genetic Approaches in the Study of Chromium Toxicity and Resistance in Yeast and Bacteria (B.-I.


The Toxicity of Chromium to Fish (D. Holdway) Mutagenic and Other Genotoxic Effects of Chromium Compounds (E. Nieboer & S. Shaw).

Carcinogenicity of Chromium Compounds (A. Yassi & E. Nieboer).

Chromium Hypersensitivity (A. Haines & E. Nieboer).

Other Health Effects of Chromium Compounds (E. Nieboer & A. Yassi).