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Chronic Cardiac Disease

Chronic Cardiac Disease

Simon Stewart

ISBN: 978-1-861-56290-6

Aug 2002

250 pages

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Diseases affectIng the heart represent a major and costly burden to both society and to the individual. In this context, both intermediate coronary syndrome and chronic congestive heart failure are associated with unacceptably high levels of morbidity and mortality; especially among certain "high-risk" individuals. The studies described in this book were designed to identify and address (through the application of relatively novel and potentially useful adjunctive therapeutic strategies) some of the determinants of suboptimal therapeutic repsonse in both these conditions.
Heart Failure, A Modern Epidemic We Had to Have.

Clinical characteristics and Management of Chronic Heart Failure, Future Implications.

Studies of Heart Failure-related Morbidity and Mortality in Scotland.

Determinants of Therapeutic Efficacy in Chronic Heart Failure-achieving Optimal health Outcomes.

Preliminary Studies of Home-based Intervention.

Prospective study of a Heart-failure Specific Intervention.

Nurse-led Interventions in chronic Heart Failure, The Way Forward.