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Civil Avionics Systems

Civil Avionics Systems

Ian Moir, Allan Seabridge

ISBN: 978-0-470-02703-5

Oct 2005

396 pages

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Civil Avionics Systems is an in-depth study and explanation of avionics as applied to civil aircraft. Avionics covers analogue and digital electronics, sensors, signalling, and computers that transmit to and control the operations of the aircraft.

Avionics includes the technology, systems development, electrical systems, sensors, communication, navigation, flight control, displays, engine and utilities control, and is also the integration of all these elements.

Ian Moir and Allan Seabridge are both highly experienced in the aircraft industry and are also involved in devising and delivering training courses. Their direct and accessible style, along with the input of an international team of technical advisors, ensures that Civil Avionics Systems is an authoritative reference text. 

  • Provides a uniquely comprehensive source of information
  • Illustrated throughout with line drawings and photographs, some in full colour
  • Explains and explores the latest developments in avionics technology, including FANS – Future Air Navigation Systems
  • Includes a chapter on displays written by Malcolm Jukes, an internationally respected expert.

Engineers in the airline industry, designers, manufacturers, operators, maintenance engineers, electronic component suppliers, engine manufacturers, air traffic controllers, navigation engineers, aircraft inspectors, accident investigators, and those studying become part of the aerospace industry will all find Civil Avionics Systems invaluable.