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Civil Society: Theory, History, Comparison

Civil Society: Theory, History, Comparison

John R. Hall (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-745-66690-7

May 2013, Polity

344 pages



This volume of especially commissioned essays explains what is meant by "civil society", paying particular attention to the relationships between civil society and other social forces such as nationalism and populism.
1. In Search of Civil Society: John A Hall.

2. The Importance of Being Modular: Ernest Gellner.

3. Civil Society in Communist China? Private Business and Political Alliance, 1989: David Wank.

4. The Possibility of Civil Society: Traditions, Character and Challenges: Victor Perez-Diaz.

5. The Nature of Social Ties and the Future of Postcommunist Society: Poland after Solidarity: Wlodimierz Wesolowski.

6. Civic Nation, Civil Society, Civil Religion: Christopher Bryant.

7. Philosophers' Models on the Carpathian Lowlands: Christopher Hann.

8. Post-Marxism, No Friend of Civil Society: Hudson Meadwell.

9. Amimadversions upon Civil Society and Civic Virtue in the Last Decade of the Twentieth Century: Adam Seligman.

10. Modernity, Late Development and Civil Society: Nicos Mouzelis.

11. From Controlled Inclusion to Coerced Marginalization: the Struggle for Civil Society in Latin America: Philip Oxhorn.

12. Civil Society and Islam: Serif Mardin.

13. Civil Society and its Future: Salvador Giner.


'Helpful to all students of the subject, and indeed whets the appetite for more.' International Affairs

'The value of the volume is that it reveals the diversity of traditions, concepts and debates that feed into the historical experiences of civil society.' Political Studies

* This volume of specially commissioned essays (including contributions by Gellner, Perez-Dias, Seligman, Bryant, Giner, Weslolowski, among others) tackles what is meant by "civil society".
* The theme of "civil society" is of major importance internationally and this is one of the first systematic reappraisals of the term which will be of both scholarly and political interest.
* John Hall is well known and both the editor and the topic will stimulate interest.