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Class Photo

Class Photo

Robert Triptow

ISBN: 978-1-606-99886-1

352 pages

Select type: Paperback

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In this book, a cartoonist uses a 1937 found photo to create a fictional graphic novella about each student in the class.

Robert Triptow stumbled across a real-life class photo of an anonymous 1937 public school under a pile of garbage and his imagination took off. Several years later, the result is the utterly charming, completely original graphic novella Class Photo. Using the photo as a springboard, each student's fictionalized life is depicted in one-page installments. Triptow weaves these imagined lives in and out like so many dedications in a yearbook, mixing in social satire, elegant cartooning, occasionally disgusting hilarity, and plenty of good, clean fun. What began as a self-motivating formal exercise has yielded one of the more whimsically engaging, original, and entertaining graphic books in recent memory.
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