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Classics in Stereoselective Synthesis

Classics in Stereoselective Synthesis

Erick M. Carreira, Lisbet Kvaerno

ISBN: 978-3-527-69761-8

Jun 2030

416 pages


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The second edition of this well-received classic textbook in organic chemistry has been completely revised and restructured to reflect the developments in stereoselective synthesis over the past decade.
The prominent author team with long-standing experience in teaching and industry has removed obsolete topics, while expanding existing chapters and adding such new topics as stereoselective cross-couplings and C-C activations reactions. New features include a brief section on reaction mechanism and key principles, as well as selected exercises with answers to help students in their understanding of the topic.
Retaining its proven concept, this clearly is a must-have for students and lecturers in organic chemistry while equally serving as an excellent reference for every synthetic organic chemist in academia or industry.
1) Carbonyl Adition Reactions
2) alpha-Functionalizations of Enolates
3) Aldol Reactions
4) Reductions of Olefins
5) Oxidations of Olefins
6) Olefin Cyclizations
7) Olefin Activation by Gold Catalysis
8) Cascade Reactions /
Polycyclizations of Olefins
9) Additions to C=N Bonds
10) Conjugate Additions
11) Chiral Carbanions
12) Metal-Catalyzed Allylations
13) Cyclopropanations
14) C-H Insertion Reactions
15) C-C Activation Reactions
16) Sigmatropic Rearrangements
17) Diels-Alder and Hetero-Diels-Alder Reactions
18) [3+2]- and [2+2]-Cycloaddition Reactions
19) Stereoselective Cross-coupling Reactions