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Classroom Activities For Correcting Specific Reading Problems

Classroom Activities For Correcting Specific Reading Problems

Stephen A. Pavlak Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-0-131-36219-2 December 1984 Jossey-Bass 208 Pages


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For all reading teachers and specialists, grades K-12, this resource provides over 230 tested, easy-to-use exercises, games, and activities to correct individual reading skills deficiencies in the areas of phonic analysis, structural analysis, comprehension and oral reading skills ... plus a reproducible "Individual Pupil Checklist of Reading Skills " for easy recordkeeping.
About This Book of Corrective Reading Activities.

To the Teacher.

Activities to Improve Letter and Letter Sound Recognition.

Activities to Inprove Consonant and Vowel Recognition.

Activities to Improve Structural Analysis and Syllabication.

Activities to Improve Vocabulary and Literal Comprehension.

Activities to Improve Interpretive Comprehension and Critical Reading.

Activities to Improve Oral Reading Skills.

Activities to Improve Survival Reading Skills.