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Clients with Complex Needs: Interprofessional Practice

Clients with Complex Needs: Interprofessional Practice

Jan Keene

ISBN: 978-0-470-69035-2 February 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 224 Pages


The current trend in health care is to view health problems through a broader lens that encompasses both the psychological and social influences on illness.

This book reflects practitioners' increasing concern for clients with multifaceted problems. The text takes a practical approach to the problem, based on sound empirical research. It provides insight into the nature of the multiple problems presented by clients and offers practical advice on how to provide the comprehensive support required by these disadvantaged individuals.

It offers methods of carrying out psychosocial assessments and explains how these findings may be used in interventions.


Part One: Understanding Complex Needs: a psychosocial approach.

1. Clients with complex needs and psychosocial problems.

2. Complex needs clients and multiple service use.

3. The need for comprehensive care.

Part Two: Understanding the Limitations of specialist perspectives: The importance of a multi-disciplinary approach.

4. Specialist planning perspectives: assessed needs in populations.

5. Specialist professional perspectives: assessment and intervention.

6. The need for inter-professional working.

Part Three: Comprehensive planning and practice: a psychosocial approach.

7. Comprehensive inter-agency service planning.

8. Comprehensive multi-disciplinary psychosocial assessment.

9. A comprehensive range of treatment and maintenance methods of care.

10. Multi-disciplinary working: a structured framework

"This serious-minded book makes some very relevant arguments for professionals"
mentalhealth today
* Practical approach to interdisciplinary work
* Client focused