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CliffsStudySolverTM Trigonometry

CliffsStudySolverTM Trigonometry

David Alan Herzog

ISBN: 978-0-764-57968-4

May 2005

336 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The learn-by-doing way to master Trigonometry

Why CliffsStudySolver Guides?

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Written by teachers and educational specialists

Get the concise review materials and practice you need to learn Trigonometry, including:

Explanations of All Elements and Principles
* Angles and quadrants
* Graphs of trigonometric functions
* Trigonometry of triangles
* Trigonometric identities
* Vectors
* Polar coordinates and complex numbers
* Inverse functions, equations, and motion

Strategic Study Aids
* Clear, concise reviews of every topic
* Summary of formulas
* Table of trigonometric functions
* Glossary
* Materials designed for high school and college students

Problem-Solving Approach and Tools
* Diagnostic pretest to pinpoint areas that need extra study
* Practice questions after every chapter--with answers and explanations
* Full-length practice exam with review recommendations for questions you miss

We take great notes--and make learning a snap

More than Notes!

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Trigonometry Pretest.

Chapter 1: Trigonometric Ideas.

Chapter 2: Graphs of Trigonometric Functions.

Chapter 3: Trigonometry of Triangles.

Chapter 4: Trigonometric Identities.

Chapter 5: Vectors.

Chapter 6: Polar Coordinates and Complex Numbers.

Chapter 7: Inverse Functions and Equations.

Customized Full-Length Exam.

Appendix A: Summary of Formulas.

Appendix B: Trigonometric Functions Table.