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Climates of South Asia

Climates of South Asia

G. B. Pant , K. Rupa Kumar

ISBN: 978-0-470-86387-9

Nov 2000

344 pages



This is a detailed and comprehensive study of the climates of Southern Asia, describing and interpreting the complex atmospheric dynamics of the region and explaining in depth the intricacies of the meteorology of the monsoon. To create this landmark study, the authors have made extensive and original use of the great wealth of primary data available, which has never previously been presented in such an integrated way. This book is organized in two parts. The first provides the essential meteorological background to understanding the South Asian climate. It places the regional circulation in the perspective of tropical general circulation and then describes the specific features that dominate the climate of South Asia, including characteristic features of the southwest monsoon. The second part deals with the climatological characteristics of South Asia; the mean climate of the region is described, followed by the specific features of individual countries. The spatial distribution and temporal variability of various climatic elements over the region forms an important aspect for this section. Climatological tables drawn from published data on climatic normals for selected stations in South Asia and an exhaustive bibliography are provided. The volume fulfils the long-felt need for a reference book on the climatology of South Asia, for use in research libraries and teaching programmes in atmospheric science, geography, agriculture, water resources and the other environmental sciences.

South Asia: An Introduction to the Region.

Tropical General Circulation: South Asian Context.

Characteristic Features of South Asian Summer Monsoon.

Other Meteorological Features and Systems of South Asia.


Mean Climatology of South Asia.

Rainfall Variability.

Temperature Variability.

Regional Climatic Features.

The Changing Climate of South Asia: Its Environmental Impacts.