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Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Edited By:Professor Graham Roberts

Online ISSN: 1365-2222

Impact Factor: 5.158

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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Clinical & Experimental Allergy strikes an excellent balance between clinical and scientific articles and carries regular reviews and editorials written by leading authorities in their field.

In response to the increasing number of quality submissions, since 1996 the journals size has increased by over 30%. Clinical & Experimental Allergy is essential reading for allergy practitioners and research scientists with an interest in allergic diseases and mechanisms. Truly international in appeal, Clinical & Experimental Allergy publishes clinical and experimental observations in disease in all fields of medicine in which allergic hypersensitivity plays a part.

Clinical & Experimental Allergy Reviews is a supplement series publishing the edited proceedings of international meetings and sponsored symposia, position papers, guidelines, special reports, and so on. It is allied to Clinical & Experimental Allergy and included with every subscription to the primary research journal.