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Clinical Behavior Therapy: Adults and Children

Clinical Behavior Therapy: Adults and Children

Michel Hersen

ISBN: 978-0-471-39258-3

Apr 2002

528 pages

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A timely clinical resource on the most widely used treatment approach

Edited by Michel Hersen, a recognized expert in the field, Clinical Behavior Therapy provides up-to-the-minute information on both traditional and current issues surrounding the treatment of child, adolescent, and adult disorders. Featuring an impressive list of contributors on the cutting edge of behavior therapy research, this valuable resource aids clinicians in achieving the most common goals in performing psychotherapy with adults and children, including describing the case succinctly, determining the best method to assess the client, dealing with complications during the course of treatment, ensuring continuation of therapeutic gains, and assessing overall treatment effectiveness.

Topics covered include:
* Major depressive disorder
* Panic and agoraphobia
* Posttraumatic stress disorder
* Bulimia nervosa
* Borderline personality disorder
* Alcohol abuse
* Marital dysfunction
* Childhood depression
* Obsessive-compulsive disorder
* Social phobia
* Anorexia nervosa
* Conduct disorder
* Mental retardation
* Elimination disorder

Along with a description of each disorder and chief complaints, every chapter addresses behavioral assessment, medical consultation, the course of treatment, therapist/client factors, and recommendations on termination and follow-up. Also considered are the more contemporaneous issues, such as managed care, case conceptualization, and rationale for treatment choice. The text's attention to the increased emphasis on accountability, assessment, clear conceptuali-zation, and treatment effectiveness makes Clinical Behavior Therapy a vital contribution to the field.


Behavioral Case Conceptualization for Adults (P. Truax).

Major Depressive Disorder (K. Dobson & N. Khatri.

Panic and Agoraphobia (J. DeCola & M. Craske).

Specific Phobia (J. Kamphuis, et al.).

Social Phobia (D. McNeil, et al.).

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (M. Gray & R. Acierno).

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (M. Dugas).

Bulimia Nervosa (J. Mizes & D. Zotter-Bonifazi).

Borderline Personality Disorder (S. Kim, et al.).

Alcohol Abuse (P. Stasiewicz & C. Bradizza).

Sexual Dysfunction (B. McCarthy).

Marital Dysfunction (G. Birchler & W. Fals-Stewart).


Behavioral Case Conceptualization for Children and Adolescents (K. Freeman & C. Miller).

Childhood Depression (W. Reynolds).

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (M. Franklin, et al.).

School Refusal and Separation Anxiety (S. Mattis & T. Ollendick).

Social Phobia (C. Kearney & K. Drake).

Anorexia Nervosa (D. Garner & C. Magana).

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (J. Scotti, et al.).

Conduct Disorder (C. Roach & A. Gross).

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (D. Reitman & S. Hupp).

Mental Retardation (C. Johnson).

Elimination Disorder (C. Holland-Johnson, et al.).

Child Sexual Abuse (E. Hsu, et al.).

Alcohol and Drug Abuse (H. Waldron, et al.).

Author Index.

Subject Index.
"Overall, the book represents a strong choice as a text for use in the clinical training of mental health professionals." (Contemporary Psychology, April 2004; Vol.49, No.2)

"Overall, this casebook has achieved status as a new benchmark of excellence in the field of psychology." (Psychiatric Services, Vol. 54 No.9, September 2003)