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Clinical Cases in Prosthodontics

Clinical Cases in Prosthodontics

Leila Jahangiri, Marjan Moghadam, Mijin Choi, Michael Ferguson

ISBN: 978-0-470-96180-3 June 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 272 Pages




Wiley-Blackwell's "Clinical Cases" series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. Clinical Cases in Prosthodontics grounds itself in core principles of this rehabilitative specialty and demonstrates their practical, every-day application through range of case presentations building from simple to complex and from common to rare. This unique approach supports the new trend in case-based and problem-based learning, thoroughly covering topics ranging from conventional complete denture prostheses to full mouth rehabilitation using both implant and tooth-supported prostheses.

Each case begins with a short description of the initial patient presentation and the learning objectives and goals the subsequent case discussion will demonstrate. This is accompanied by relevant medical and dental histories, notes on extra-oral and soft tissue examination and a thorough list of clinical findings, all presented in bulleted from to facilitate ease of learning. Clinical decision making factors are then discussed in detail, well illustrated with multiple clinical photos showing progressive stages of treatment. Cases conclude with review questions and relevant literature citations supporting each answer.

Ideal for practitioners and students alike, Clinical Cases in Prosthodontics is the ultimate resource linking evidence-based research to every-day application.

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Authors xi

Preface xii

Acknowledgments  xiv

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)  3

Case 1 9

Treatment of an edentulous patient with conventional complete denture prostheses

Case 2 15

Treatment of an edentulous patient with two-implant–retained mandibular overdenture

Case 3 21

Treatment of a patient with combination syndrome

Case 4 27

Treatment of an edentulous patient with a severely atrophic mandible

Case 5 33

Management of florid cemento-osseous dysplasia (FCOD)

Case 6 39

Treatment of a partially edentulous patient with implant-retained  removable partial denture prosthesis

Case 7 45

Treatment of a partially edentulous patient with fixed and removable prostheses

Case 8 53

Management of ectodermal dysplasia I—overdenture prostheses

Case 9 59

Management of ectodermal dysplasia II—implant-retained removable prostheses

Case 10 65

Management of ectodermal dysplasia III—a multidisciplinary approach

Case 11 73

Management of a fractured central incisor I—mild

Case 12 79

Management of a fractured central incisor II—moderate

Case 13 85

Management of a fractured central incisor III—severe

Case 14 91

Rehabilitation of anterior teeth I—combination of complete and partial coverage restorations

Case 15 97

Rehabilitation of anterior teeth II—partial coverage restorations

Case 16 103

Rehabilitation of anterior teeth requiring orthodontic extrusion

Case 17 109

Management of severe crowding—a multidisciplinary approach

Case 18 117

Management of a patient with maxillary canine transposition

Case 19 123

Management of a patient with loss of posterior support

Case 20 129

Management of the consequences of partial edentulism

Case 21 137

Management of worn dentition I—resulting from dental malocclusion

Case 22 145

Management of worn dentition II—localized severe wear

Case 23 153

Management of worn dentition III—generalized severe wear

Case 24 159

Implant therapy versus endodontic therapy

Case 25 165

Management of endodontically treated teeth

Case 26 173

Prognostic indicators for strategic extractions in a full mouth rehabilitation

Case 27 179

Treatment of a patient with implant-supported fixed complete denture prostheses

Case 28 185

Full mouth rehabilitation—implant-supported prostheses I

Case 29 191

Full mouth rehabilitation—implant-supported prostheses II

Case 30 199

Full mouth rehabilitation—implant-supported, screw-retained prostheses

Case 31 205

Full mouth rehabilitation—implant-supported,  cementable fixed prostheses

Case 32 211

Full mouth rehabilitation—combination of implant and tooth-supported fixed prostheses

Case 33 217

Full mouth rehabilitation—combination of implant and tooth-supported fixed and removable prostheses

Case 34 223

Management of a patient with bulimia

Case 35 229

Management of oral manifestations of methamphetamine abuse

Case 36 235

Management of cleidocranial dysplasia I—treatment of an adolescent patient

Case 37 241

Management of cleidocranial dysplasia II—treatment of an adult patient

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