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Clinical Education in Speech-Language Pathology

Clinical Education in Speech-Language Pathology

Lindy McAllister, Michelle Lincoln

ISBN: 978-1-861-56310-1

Feb 2004

204 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This text promotes the view that the clinical education process offers both clinical educators and students opportunities for personal and professional development. It guides the reader through the clinical education process, from pre-placement preparation to assessment of learning that supports and encourages personal and professional development. Included are resources for supporting the clinical education process, such as checklists, case studies and proformas, and vignettes illustrate the richness of students' and clinical educators' learning experiences.

Chapter 1 Clinical education as professional development for both clinical educators and students.

Chapter 2 Preparing for clinical education.

Chapter 3 Learning together.

Chapter 4 Development of personal skills.

Chapter 5 Development of cognitive skills.

Chapter 6 Development of learning processes.

Chapter 7 The art of learning from assessment.

Chapter 8 A continuum of professional development in clinical education.