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Clinical MR Spectroscopy: First Principles

Clinical MR Spectroscopy: First Principles

Nouha Salibi, Mark A. Brown

ISBN: 978-0-471-18280-1 December 1997 240 Pages


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Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) has been an important analytical tool in organic chemistry, biology, and materials science for more than a half-century. Now, recent advances in the clinical application of MRS are allowing radiologists to more effectively diagnose lymphoma, head and neck cancers, and brain tumors, as well as to understand metabolic brain anomalies such as stroke and dementia.

Clinical MR Spectroscopy: First Principles acquaints readers with the basic physics and chemistry of MRS while providing clear, practical guidelines for its clinical use. While most readers are likely to have had experience with MRI, this is not a prerequisite for understanding either the basic science or applied sections of the book.

Individual chapters address such topics as:
* The basic concepts of MRS
* Hardware and software requirements
* Techniques for localized spectroscopy
* Spectroscopy data processing
* The application of MRS in examining the brain, heart, muscles, and liver.

Clinical MR Spectroscopy: First Principles features numerous line drawings to clarify the basic science of MRS and images to illustrate its clinical utility. This concise and timely book provides an accessible but comprehensive resource for radiologists, MRI technologists, and radiology residents.
Concepts of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.


Techniques for Localized Spectroscopy.

Spectroscopy Data Processing.

Clinical Applications.


"This book presents a comprehensive overview of MR spectroscopic methods currently applied in the clinical environment." --Neuroradiology, Vol. 41, NO.7, 1999