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Clinical Nutrition For Dummies

Michael J. Rovito

ISBN: 978-1-118-66546-6 March 2014 384 Pages


Get up to date on clinical nutrition for school, work, or your own health

From the proper function of the major organs and the role that proper nutrition plays in their functioning, to a breakdown of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, Clinical Nutrition For Dummies provides you with the easy-to-read guide you need to immerse yourself in the subject! Written in the fun style that the For Dummies series has become known for, the book is perfect for students in the wide variety of fields that require an in-depth understanding of clinical nutrition, or for those who want to improve their own lives through better nutrition.

Dive right into the book for an exploration of the chemical and functional components of food, how to properly assess your nutritional intake, the changing face of nutrition throughout the human lifespan, and so much more! This handy resource offers a wealth of information, and specifically addresses the growing obesity and diabetes epidemics that promise to make the study of clinical nutrition more important than ever. Includes a complete breakdown of the relationship between nutrition and chronic diseases.

  • Explores the nutritional requirements at various life stages, from pediatric through geriatric
  • Features information on the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy
  • Shares tips for modifying dietary intake and health behavior theory, along with properly communicating health information

Clinical Nutrition For Dummies is your complete, fun guide to the topic of nutrition—dive in today to get started on the pathway to mastering this increasingly important subject.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Clinical Nutrition 5

Chapter 1: Getting Clinical about Nutrition 7

Chapter 2: Nutrition 101 21

Chapter 3: Determining Whether You’re Eating Correctly 35

Chapter 4: The Grim Reality of Worldwide Wellness 51

Part II: You Are What You Eat 67

Chapter 5: Observing Obesity 69

Chapter 6: Concerning Yourself and Cancer 89

Chapter 7: Cracking the Cardiovascular Case 109

Chapter 8: Discussing Diabetes 127

Chapter 9: Caring about Kidney Disease 141

Chapter 10: All about Food Safety 153

Part III: Major Organ Systesms and Nutrition 171

Chapter 11: Gaining Insight on the Gastrointestinal System 173

Chapter 12: Caring for the Cardiovascular System 191

Chapter 13: Exploring the Endocrine System 205

Chapter 14: The Ins and Outs of the Excretory System 219

Part IV: Nutrition through the Lifespan 231

Chapter 15: Having a Baby? Pre- and Post-Natal Nutrition 233

Chapter 16: Caring for Kids, from Infancy through the Teen Years 249

Chapter 17: Making Sense of Middle Age 271

Chapter 18: Retiring into the Golden Years 281

Part V: Theoretical Foundations of Health Behavior 299

Chapter 19: Modifying Health Behaviors 301

Chapter 20: Communicating Health Information 321

Part VI: The Part of Tens 335

Chapter 21: Ten of the Greatest Superfoods 337

Chapter 22: Ten Things to Know about Eating Disorders 341

Chapter 23: Ten International Resources You Don’t Want to Miss 347

Index 351