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Clinical Paediatric Dietetics, 3rd Edition

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics, 3rd Edition

Vanessa Shaw (Editor), Margaret Lawson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-69953-9

May 2013, Wiley-Blackwell

632 pages



This standard work has been comprehensively revised and expanded to meet the needs of the modern practising and student dietitian.

In tune with current trends, a greater emphasis has been placed on public health issues such as the treatment of childhood nutritional disorders in the community, including obesity and faltering growth. The book now also contains a dedicated chapter on the important issue of allergy prevention.

  • Edited by leading experts at Great Ormond Street and the Institute of Child Health
  • Officially supported by the British Dietetic Association
  • Written for dietitians, by dietitians

With worked examples of dietary management given throughout, Clinical Paediatric Dietetics is an indispensable guide for all those involved in the nutritional treatment of children.

Contributors, vii.

Foreword, x.

Preface, xi.

Acknowledgements, xii.

Part 1 Principles of Paediatric.


1 Nutritional Assessment, Dietary Requirements,.

Feed Supplementation, 3.

Vanessa Shaw & Margaret Lawson.

2 Provision of Nutrition in a Hospital.

Setting, 21.

Ruth Watling.

Part 2 Nutrition Support and.

Intensive Care.

3 Enteral Nutrition, 33.

Tracey Johnson.

4 Parenteral Nutrition, 46.

Joanne Grogan.

5 Nutrition in Critically Ill Children, 60.

Rosan Meyer & Katie Elwig.

Part 3 Clinical Dietetics.

6 Preterm Infants, 73.

Caroline King.

7 Gastroenterology, 90.

Sarah Macdonald.

8 Surgery in the Gastrointestinal.

Tract, 125.

Vanessa Shaw.

Short Bowel Syndrome, 134.

Tracey Johnson.

9 The Liver and Pancreas, 142.

Stephanie France.

10 Diabetes Mellitus, 163.

Alison Johnston.

11 Cystic Fibrosis, 178.

Carolyn Patchell.

12 The Kidney, 203.

Julie Royle.

13 The Cardiothoracic System, 239.

David Hopkins.

CPDA01 1/22/07 8:36 AM Page v.

vi Contents.

14 Food Hypersensitivity, 259.

Kate Grimshaw.

15 Immunodeficiency Syndromes,.

HIV and AIDS, 278.

Immunodeficiency Syndromes, 278.

Marion Sewell & Vivien Wigg.

HIV and AIDS, 282.

Julie Lanigan.

16 Ketogenic Diets, 295.

Liz Neal & Gwynneth McGrath.

17 Disorders of Amino Acid Metabolism,.

Organic Acidaemias and Urea Cycle.

Defects, 309.

Phenylketonuria, 309.

Anita MacDonald.

Maple syrup Urine Disease, 332.

Marjorie Dixon.

Tyrosinaemias, 343.

Marjorie Dixon.

Homocystinuria, 349.

Fiona White.

Organic Acidaemias and Urea.

Cycle Disorders, 357.

Marjorie Dixon.

18 Disorders of Carbohydrate Metabolism, 390.

Marjorie Dixon.

Inborn Errors of Galactose Metabolism, 400.

Anita MacDonald.

19 Disorders of Fatty Acid Oxidation and.

Ketogenesis, 421.

Marjorie Dixon.

20 Lipid Disorders, 434.

Patricia Rutherford.

21 Peroxisomal Disorders, 442.

Refsum’s Disease, 442.

Eleanor Baldwin.

X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy, 450.

Anita MacDonald.

22 Childhood Cancers, 461.

Evelyn Ward.

23 Eating Disorders, 473.

Dasha Nicholls.

24 Epidermolysis Bullosa, 482.

Lesley Haynes.

25 Burns, 497.

Helen McCarthy & Claire Gurry.

26 Autistic Spectrum Disorders, 504.

Zoe Connor.

Part 4 Community Nutrition.

27 Healthy Eating, 523.

Judy More.

28 Children from Ethnic Groups and those.

following Cultural Diets, 540.

Sue Wolfe.

29 Faltering Growth, 556.

Zofia Smith.

30 Feeding Children with Neurodisabilities, 566.

Sarah Almond, Liz Allott & Kate Hall.

31 Obesity, 588.

Laura Stewart.

32 Prevention of Food Allergy, 597.

Kate Grimshaw & Carina Venter.

Appendix 1 Manufacturers of Dietetic.

Products, 605.

Appendix 2 Dietetic Products, 607.

Index, 611

This is a book I think every caregiver for children should read... I have no hesitation in recommending this for reading not only by all paediatric dietitians but also by paediatricians and other caregivers.

Maternal and Child Nutrition, Volume 4, 2008

• Edited by leading experts at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Institute of Child Health
• Officially supported by the British Dietetic Association
• Written for dietitians, by dietitians