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Clinical Research in Oral Health

Clinical Research in Oral Health

William V. Giannobile (Editor), Brian A. Burt (Editor), Robert J. Genco (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-813-82055-2 December 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 344 Pages




Clinical Research in Oral Health surveys the essentials of clinical research in oral health, anchoring these principles within the specific context of the oral health arena. Addressing research questions exclusively applicable to dentistry and oral health, the book thoroughly illustrates the principles and practice of oral health clinical research. Clinical Research in Oral Health also clarifies the framework of regulatory issues and presents emerging concepts in clinical translation, relating the research principles to clinical improvement.
1 Clinical and Translational Research: Implications in the Promotion of Oral Health

William V. Giannobile


2 Ethics in Oral Health Research

Elizabeth Ripley, Francis L. Macrina


3 Responsibilities of Institutions and Individuals in Clinical Research in the Oral Health Sciences

Gary C. Armitage


4 Regulatory Process for the Evaluation of Dental Drugs, Devices and Biologics

Darnell Kaigler, Kay Fuller, William V. Giannobile


5 Clinical and Translational Research Grantsmanship: Funding Opportunities and Obtaining Research Support

Bruce L. Pihlstrom, Michael L. Barnett


6 Data Management in Oral Health Research

Bruce A. Dye, Jules T. Mitchel


7 Hypothesis Testing and Avoiding False-Positive Conclusions

Philippe P. Hujoel


8 Outcomes in Oral Health Research

Amid I. Ismail


9 Examiner Training: Standardization and Calibration in Periodontal Studies

Niklaus P. Lang, Mary P. Cullinan, Douglas W. Holborow, Lisa J.A. Heitz-Mayfield


10 Observational Studies in Oral Health Research

Hal Morgenstern, Woosung Sohn


11 Initial Clinical Trials Allow Assessment of Safety, Dosing and Preliminary Efficacy Prior to Large Randomized Controlled Pivotal Studies 

Jules T. Mitchel, Glen Park, Mark Citron, Russ Pagano, Leslie Wisner-Lynch, Samuel E. Lynch


12 Phase III Pivotal Clinical Trials: Clinical Decision-making

Norman S. Braveman, Bryan Michalowicz


13 Post-Marketing Surveillance

Eugenio D. Beltran-Aguilar, Michael C. Manz


14 Dental Practice-Based Research Networks

Donald J. DeNucci and the CONDOR Dental Practice-based Research Networks


15 The Technology Transfer Process for Life Science Innovations in Academic Institutions

Robert J. Genco


16 Adoption of New Technologies for Clinical Practice

Maxwell H. Anderson


17 Publication of Research Findings

James Bader


18 The Evidence-base for Oral Health

Helen Worthington, Ian Needleman, Anne-Marie Glenny



"This book should be bought by anyone having more than just an interest in research and who is involved in commissioning, funding, planning, undertaking or evaluating research. For everyone else, starting off with more generalised texts and using this book for information on specific subject areas would be more appropriate." (Primary Dental Care and Team in Practice, 1 April 2011)


  • Exclusively focused on research within the oral sciences
  • Provides guidance in all aspects of clinical research, from essential principles to logistics
  • Clarifies the framework of regulatory issues for researchers and study staff
  • Presents emerging concepts in translational research