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Clinical Supervision for Nurses

Clinical Supervision for Nurses

Lisa Lynch, Kerrie Hancox, Brenda Happell, Judith Parker

ISBN: 978-1-405-16059-9

Sep 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

252 pages

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Clinical supervision provides a framework within which nurses can reflect on their practice, enabling them to face professional challenges with renewed energy and a clearer perspective. Clinical Supervision for Nurses is an accessible, practical guide to clinical supervision itself and implementing the supervision process in nursing practice.

Clinical Supervision for Nurses explores the role of clinical supervision, its contribution to practice development and implementation in practice. It discusses the range of approaches to clinical supervision and models of supervision, organisational readiness and other factors influencing success, legal and ethical issues, and perspectives of supervisors and the supervisees.

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Practice Development.


Implementation in Action.

Approaches to Clinical Supervision.

Clinical Supervision in Action.

Legal and Ethical Issues.

Supervision from the Perspective of Supervisors.

Supervision from the Perspective of Supervisees.

Evaluating the Impact of Clinical Supervision

  • Provides a practical, accessible guide to implementing clinical supervision

  • Written by experienced authors in the field

  • Examines complexities of clinical supervision process and factors influencing success

  • An invaluable resource for all clinicians, managers, and educatorssupervision within an Australian context