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Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition

Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition

Gerald Corey, Robert H. Haynes, Patrice Moulton, Michelle Muratori

ISBN: 978-1-119-02657-0

Dec 2014

290 pages

Select type: E-Book



This straightforward guide for new and practicing supervisors emphasizes the attainment of skills necessary to effectively supervise others in a variety of settings. Topics covered include the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, the supervisory relationship, models and methods of supervision, becoming a multiculturally competent supervisor, ethical and legal issues in supervision, managing crisis situations, and evaluation in supervision. User-friendly tips, case examples, sample forms, questions for reflection, and group activities are included throughout the text, as are contributing supervisors’ Voices From the Field and the Authors’ Personal Perspectives—making this an interactive learning tool that is sure to keep readers interested and involved.

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Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

About the Authors xvii

About the Contributors xxi

Voices From the Field

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Supervision 1

Focus Questions 1

Introduction 1

Supervision Defined 2

The Evolution of Supervision 3

The Goals of Supervision 5

Our Goals of Supervision 5

Objectives for the Supervisee 7

Perspectives on Supervision 8

Summary 18

Suggested Activities 19

CHAPTER 2 Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisors 21

Focus Questions 21

Introduction 21

Roles of the Supervisor 22

The Scope of Responsibility in Supervision 29

Responsibilities of the Supervisor 29

Teaching Supervisees How to Use Supervision Effectively 36

Assisting Student Supervisees in Taking an Active Role in Fieldwork Experiences 38

Summary 41

Suggested Activities 42

Appendix 2A: Supervisee’s Bill of Rights 44

Appendix 2B: Supervisee’s Bill of Rights: Supervision Contract 47

CHAPTER 3 The Supervisory Relationship 51

Focus Questions 51

Introduction 51

Personal and Interpersonal Issues in Supervision 52

Tips for Supervisors 59

Characteristics That Facilitate or Hinder the Supervision Process 59

Conflicts Between Supervisor and Supervisee 60

Preparing Supervisees for Challenges 62

Challenges for Supervisors 69

Summary 71

Suggested Activities 72

CHAPTER 4 Models of Supervision 73

Focus Questions 73

Introduction 73

Understanding Models of Supervision 74

Developmental Models 75

Psychotherapy-Based Models 80

Integrative Models 90

Developing Your Own Model of Supervision 92

Summary 93

Suggested Activities 94

CHAPTER 5 Methods of Supervision 95

Focus Questions 95

Introduction 95

Supervision Formats 96

Methods Used in Supervision 104

What Supervisors Say to Supervisees 114

Other Considerations Regarding Supervision Methods 115

Summary 118

Suggested Activities 118

CHAPTER 6 Becoming a Multiculturally Competent Supervisor 121

Focus Questions 121

Introduction 121

Defi ning Multiculturalism 122

Practicing Multicultural Supervision Effectively 123

Guidelines for Dealing With Diversity in Supervision 125

Developing Advocacy Competencies 132

Acquiring Multicultural Competencies in Supervision 136

Assessing Multicultural Competencies in Supervision 138

Spirituality as a Facet of Multicultural Supervision 139

Summary 141

Suggested Activities 142

CHAPTER 7 Ethical Issues and Multiple Relationships in Supervision 143

Focus Questions 143

Introduction 143

Ethical Issues in Clinical Supervision 144

Competence of Supervisors 148

Incompetent or Impaired Supervisors 150

Incompetent or Impaired Supervisees 151

Multiple Roles and Relationships in the Supervisory Process 157

Combining Supervision and Counseling 168

Changing Roles and Relationships 169

Summary 170

Suggested Activities 171

CHAPTER 8 Legal and Risk Management Issues in Supervision 173

Focus Questions 173

Introduction 173

Legal Primer 174

Risk Management 182

Summary 191

Suggested Activities 192

Appendix 8A: Supervision Contract 194

CHAPTER 9 Managing Crisis Situations 197

Focus Questions 197

Introduction 197

The Supervisor’s Roles and Responsibilities in Crisis Situations 198

Becoming an Effective Crisis Supervisor 199

A Framework for Crisis Management: What Every Supervisor Needs to Know 201

Understanding Specifi c Crisis Situations 203

Caring for the Caregiver 213

Summary 214

Suggested Activities 215

CHAPTER 10 Evaluation in Supervision 217

Focus Questions 217

Introduction 217

Codes of Ethics and Evaluation 218

Essential Features of Evaluation 220

Evaluation of the Supervisor 223

Guidelines for Conducting Evaluations 224

Initial Assessment of Supervisees 228

Evaluation Methods 228

Test Your Evaluation Skills 230

Writing Letters of Recommendation 232

Summary 235

Suggested Activities 236

Appendix 10A: Supervisee’s Evaluation of Supervision Experience 237

Appendix 10B: Practicum Evaluation Form 240

Appendix 10C: Supervisee Performance Evaluation 243

CHAPTER 11 Becoming an Effective Supervisor 245

Focus Questions 245

Introduction 245

Qualities of the Ideal Supervisor 246

Struggles as Supervisors 252

Our Thoughts on Becoming an Effective Supervisor 256

Finding Your Own Style as a Supervisor 256

Where Can You Go From Here? 257

Summary 258

Suggested Activities 259

References and Suggested Readings 261

Name Index 275

Subject Index 281

1.1 Professional Associations’ Goals of Supervision 6

2.1 Ethics Codes and Standards Regarding the Roles and Responsibilities of the Supervisor 24

6.1 Ethics Codes and Standards Regarding Multicultural Supervision 126

6.2 ACA Advocacy Competencies 133

6.3 Multicultural Competencies in Supervision 137

7.1 Ethics Codes and Standards Regarding Supervisors’ Responsibilities in Dealing With Supervisee Incompetence 154

7.2 Ethics Codes and Standards Regarding Multiple Relationships 158

7.3 Ethics Codes and Standards Regarding Sexual Intimacies in the Supervisory Relationship 166

8.1 Ethics Codes and Standards Regarding Legal Issues 174

9.1 Ethics Codes and Standards Regarding Managing Crisis Situations in Supervision 203

10.1 Ethics Codes and Standards Regarding Evaluation in Supervision 219


2A Supervisee’s Bill of Rights 44

2B Supervisee’s Bill of Rights: Supervision Contract 47

8A Supervision Contract 194

10A Supervisee’s Evaluation of Supervision Experience 237

10B Practicum Evaluation Form 240

10C Supervisee Performance Evaluation 243