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Clinical Toxicological Analysis: Methods, Procedures, Interpretation, 2 Volume Set



Clinical Toxicological Analysis: Methods, Procedures, Interpretation, 2 Volume Set

Wolf Rüdiger Külpmann (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-31890-2 April 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 976 Pages


This first, complete reference on standardized methods for laboratory analysis is tailor-made for clinical toxicologists, containing all relevant data and protocols for routine and specialized laboratory analysis. All the procedures described conform to standards stipulated by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and academic societies, such as the IUPAC and ICC.
Neatly divided into two volumes, the first deals with requirements for toxicological analyses, quality assessment, the evaluation of analytical results, forensic aspects, clinical chemistry and therapeutic drug monitoring, while Volume 2 contains detailed protocols for the analysis of toxicants.
A handy desktop reference for the practitioner.

Introduction (W.R. Külpmann)
Requirements for toxicological analyses (F. Degel)
General aspects
Materials for investigation (H.J. Gibitz, F. Pluisch)
Methods for clinical toxicological analysis (W.R. Külpmann, D. Hannak, F. Degel, H. Käferstein, H.H. Maurer, H.J. Gibitz , F. Pragst, H. König)
Practicability of clinical toxicological analyses (H.J. Gibitz)
Quality assurance (W.R. Külpmann, L. von Meyer, M. Geldmacher-von Mallinckrodt)
Assessment of analytical results (W.R. Külpmann, M. Geldmacher-von Mallinckrodt, J.Hallbach)
The analytical-toxicological report (J. Hallbach, M. Geldmacher-von Mallinckrodt, W.R. Külpmann)
Medical interpretation (J. Hallbach, N. Felgenhauer, M. Geldmacher-von Mallinckrodt,
H.H. Maurer)
Forensic aspects (W.R. Külpmann)
Strategy of clinical-toxicological investigations (J. Hallbach, W.R. Külpmann, H.H. Maurer, F. Pragst, N. Felgenhauer)
Screening procedures for "General Unknown" analysis (F. Pragst, H.H. Maurer, J. Hallbach, W.R. Külpmann, F. Degel, U. Staerk, M. Lappenberg-Pelzer)
Nonopioid analgesics and antirheumatics (H. König and J. Hallbach)
Analgesics: Opiates and opioids (H. Käferstein, W.R. Külpmann, G. Sticht, L. von Meyer, H. König, H. Schmoldt, F. Degel, T. Binscheck, J. Hallbach)
Antidysrhythmic agents (H. König, A. Schmoldt)
Anticonvulsants (D. Hannak, W.R. Külpmann, J. Hallbach)
Anticoagulants (L. von Meyer, M. Geldmacher- von Mallinckrodt)
Bronchodilators (W.R. Külpmann)
Calcium-channel blockers (J. Hallbach, A. Schmoldt)
Cardiac glycosides (J. Hallbach)
Hypnotics: Barbiturates (W.R. Külpmann, A. Schmoldt)
Hypnotics and sedatives: Benzodiazepines (L. von Meyer;
A. Schmoldt, W.R. Külpmann)
Hypnotics and sedatives (except for barbiturates and benzodiazepines) (H. König, H. Käferstein, F. Pragst, H.J. Gibitz)
Neuroleptic drugs and antidepressants (F. Degel, W. Steimer, T. Grobosch, M. Geldmacher- von Mallinckrodt, H.-J. Birkhahn, D. Lampe, U. Demme, T. Grobosch)
ß-Receptor blocking drugs (L. von Meyer, W.R. Külpmann)
Drugs of abuse (G. Sticht, H. Käferstein, L. von Meyer, J. Hallbach, Merckel, V. Auwärter, D. Simmert, F. Pragst, H. König, W.R. Külpmann)
Solvents and inhalants (H.J. Gibitz , F. Degel, H. Desel, M. Geldmacher-von Mallinckrodt, C. Köppel)
Pesticides (M. Geldmacher-von Mallinckrodt, F. Degel, T. Daldrup, C. Köppel)
Antidiabetics (J. Hallbach and K. Rentsch)
Dyshemoglobins (H.J. Gibitz)
Various drugs and toxic agents (M. Geldmacher-von Mallinckrodt, H. Käferstein, H. König, A. Scholer, T. Daldrup, F. Pragst, H.J. Gibitz, R. Aderjan)
Chemical warfare agents (M. Koller, L.Szinicz)
Biochemical investigations in toxicology (W.R. Külpmann, P. Eyer, F. Worek)
Therapeutic drug monitoring (W.R. Külpmann)
Poisonous plants (M. Geldmacher - von Mallinckrodt, L. von Meyer)
Poisonous mushrooms (F. Degel)
Venomous and poisonous animals (D. Mebs)
Appendix 1 Abbreviations
Appendix 2 Therapeutic and toxic concentrations of drugs and xenobiotics in plasma or serum
Appendix 3 BAT values
Appendix 4 Antidotes
Appendix 5 Poison Information Centres
Chemical Abstracts Service