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Clinician's Guide to Self-Renewal: Essential Advice from the Field



Clinician's Guide to Self-Renewal: Essential Advice from the Field

Robert J. Wicks (Editor), Elizabeth A. Maynard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-84106-8 March 2014 528 Pages


Providing clinicians with advice consistent with the current emphasis on working from strengths to promote renewal, this guide presents a holistic approach to psychological wellness. Time-tested advice is featured from experts such as Craig Cashwell, Jeffrey Barnett, and Kenneth Pargament. With strategies to renew the mind, body, spirit, and community, this book equips clinicians with guidance and inspiration for the renewal of body, mind, community, and spirit in their clients and themselves.

About the Book xi

About the Editors xiii

About the Authors xv

Self-Renewal Themes in Psychotherapy: An Introduction xxiii

Part I Self-Renewal and the Clinician

1 Growth, Love, and Work in Psychotherapy: Sources of Therapeutic Talent and Clinician Self-Renewal 3
Helene Nissen-Lie and David E. Orlinsky

2 Renewing One’s Self-Care Sensibilities: Distress, Burnout, Vicarious Traumatization, and Self-Renewal 25
Jeffrey E. Barnett

3 Self-Care for Clinicians in the Disaster Context 45
Rick Williamson and Patricia A. Engert

4 Clinical Supervision and Self-Renewal 61
Craig S. Cashwell and Jodi L. Bartley

Part II Alonetime, Mindfulness, the Sabbath, Natural Empathy: Loving Kindness, Zen Therapy, and Self-Renewal

5 Valuing and Accessing Alonetime: Silence, Solitude, and Reflection in the Life of the Clinician 85
Robert J. Wicks

6 Keeping the Sabbath: Privileging Being Beyond Doing 103
Jill L. Snodgrass

7 Self-Renewal Through Natural Empathy: Caring for Ourselves and Others 119
Cheryl A. Giles

8 Mind and Heart: Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness Meditation for Therapists 131
Kathleen Gregory, Geoffrey Newbegin, and Margot J. Schofield

9 Zen Therapy 153
David Brazier

Part III Trauma, Growth, Healing, Patience, Forgiveness, Courage, and the Process of Renewal

10 Blooming in the Night: Themes of Self-Renewal in Posttraumatic Growth 175
Mary Beth Werdel

11 Tell the Story: Intergenerational Trauma and Healing 189
Suzanne Mayer

12 Patience and Self-Renewal 205
Sarah A. Schnitker, Amber E. Blews, and Jessica A. Foss

13 Forgiveness and Self-Renewal 229
Matthew J. Hirshberg and Robert D. Enright

14 Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Courage for Self-Renewal 251
Cynthia L. S. Pury and Kaye N. Glennon

Part IV Theoretical Approaches to Self-Renewal: Group, Marital, and Family System, Dialectical, Behavioral, and the Ways Paradigm

15 The Group as a Medium for Personal and Professional Renewal 265
Virginia Brabender and Courtney Slater

16 Renewal in Marital and Family Systems 285
Paul Giblin

17 A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Approach to Self-Renewal 301
Maria Mouratidis

18 Self-Renewal and the Ways Paradigm 315
Sharon E. Cheston

Part V Spirituality and Self-Renewal

19 Spiritual Coping Resources for the Self-Renewal of Clients and Therapists 335
Melissa D. Falb and Kenneth I. Pargament

20 Religion and Spirituality: A Source of Renewal for Families 355
Gina M. Brelsford and Jaelyn R. Farris

Part VI Topics in Self-Renewal

21 Self-Renewal With African Americans in Psychotherapy 369
Deborah G. Haskins

22 Clergy Self-Renewal Themes in Clinical Practice 397
Thomas E. Rodgerson

23 Self-Renewal Among Gay and Lesbian Adults 421
Elizabeth A. Maynard and Katie E. Katuzny

24 Renewing One’s Ethical Sensibilities 439
Jeffrey E. Barnett

25 Sexual Attraction and Self-Renewal in Psychotherapy 461
Stephen W. Simpson and Jonathan D. Reeves

Going Forward: A Brief Epilogue 475
Robert J. Wicks and Elizabeth A. Maynard

Author Index 477

Subject Index 489