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Closing a Sale In a Day For Dummies

Closing a Sale In a Day For Dummies

Tom Hopkins

ISBN: 978-1-118-49116-4

Oct 2012

72 pages

Select type: E-Book



Get the know-how to close a deal and make your quota—in a day!

Closing a Sale In A Day For Dummies outlines the anatomy of a sales closing, offers strategies for asking the right questions, and gives you invaluable tips for overcoming tough customers.

  • The anatomy of a close
  • Questioning and listening strategies
  • No frills closing techniques
  • Overcoming tough customers

This e-book also links to an online component at that extends the topic into step-by-step tutorials and other "beyond the book" content.

Introduction 1

What You Can Do In A Day 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Chapter 1: Surveying the Anatomy of a Close 3

Defining Closing 3

What closing isn’t 4

What closing is 4

Recognizing When to Close 5

Verbal buying signs 6

Visual buying signs 8

Choosing Where to Close 9

Finding a neutral location 9

Closing at your client’s office 10

Closing at your client’s home 11

Mastering the Test Close 12

Addressing concerns 12

Creating a sense of urgency 13

Moving into the Final Close 14

Shifting to paperwork 14

Closing the retail sale 16

Chapter 2: Basking in the No-Frills Close 17

Say What? The Basic Oral Close 18

Make a Note of That: The

Basic Written Close 18

Obtaining permission 19

Double-checking 20

Bridging between Closes 21

Summarizing with questions 21

Asking a lead-on question 22

Chapter 3: Questioning and Listening Strategies 23

Questioning Your Clients 23

Discovery questions 24

Leading questions 25

Closing questions 28

Involvement questions 30

Listening while You Work 30

Grouping the three types of listeners 31

Getting your client’s attention 32

Chapter 4: Overcoming Fear in Your Customers 33

Covering the Bases: Some Fundamentals of Fear 33

Determining Why Your Customer Is Afraid 34

Conquering Customer Fears 35

Distracting Customers from Their Fears 35

Finding the Exact Fear-Conquering Close You Need 37

The “If you say yes” close 37

The negative economy close 38

The big bargain close 38

The money or nothing close 39

The law of 10 close  40

The make it better close 40

The buyer’s remorse close 41

The economic truth close 42

The gaining versus losing close 42

Adapting to the Emotional Environment 44

Chapter 5: Putting an End to the Customer’s Procrastination 45

Pinpointing the Behaviors of a Procrastinating Customer 45

Changing the subject 45

Demonstrating lots of not-so-fast body language 46

Allowing interruptions 47

Canceling visits 48

Failing to return calls 49

Handling Procrastination with Ease 50

Creating a sense of urgency 50

Working the guilt angle 51

Showing customers how to be a hero 51

Assuming the close 52

Having a written agenda 52

Relating to a similar situation 53

Thinking it over 53

Showing that you get what you pay for 54

Fitting your product into the customer’s budget 55

Having no regrets 56

Reaching a compromise 56

Chapter 6: Keeping the Sale Closed 57

Paying Attention to How Customers Say “Yes” 58

Overcoming Buyer’s Remorse 59

Helping customers avoid buyer’s remorse 60

Changing the customer’s tune 61

Looking at Ways to Keep the Sale Sold 62

Offering benefits that build commitment 62

Delivering what you promise — and fast 63

Remembering that silence is golden 63

Beefing up your follow-up 64

Continuing the relationship 64

Chapter 7: Where to Go from Here 65

Taking Your First Steps 65

Visiting  66

About the Author  67

Publisher’s Acknowledgments 67