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Clout: Tapping Spiritual Wisdom to Become a Person of Influence

Clout: Tapping Spiritual Wisdom to Become a Person of Influence

Stephen R. Graves, Thomas G. Addington

ISBN: 978-0-787-96475-7

Apr 2003, Jossey-Bass

208 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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We all want to be able to influence others, to have our voices counted in decisionmaking, and to make a contribution to our organization or community. Most books on this subject focus on personal power for personal ends— self-help approaches that show readers how to get what they want for themselves. But influence can be much more— a live force that is vital to the positive and productive functioning of organizations, communities, and relationships.
In Clout Stephen R. Graves and Thomas G. Addington take an entirely new and fresh approach to the subject of influence, incorporating biblical wisdom and stories of exemplary people who have wielded influence with integrity and authenticity. Using classical analytical tools to examine the components of influence, the authors look at an array of historical and biblical models of both positive and negative influence, including Mother Teresa, Adam Smith, Jesus, St. Patrick, Malcolm Muggeridge, and even Rasputin. They analyze what drives this force in our personal and business lives and relationships and show readers how they too can become people of great influence and thereby have a message that is meaningful, an audience that is receptive, and a life that is believable.
Foreword by John C. Maxwell.


1. An Extra Dose of Vitamin I.

Expanding Your Personal Influence.

2. Wisdom.

Life?s Greatest Asset.

3. Aristotle Speaks on Wall Street.

Three Ancient Tools of Influence.

4. Logos.

A Message That Is Meaningful.

5. Pathos.

An Audience That Is Receptive

6. Ethos.

A Life That Is Believable.

7. A Pinch of Salt and a Ray of Light 89

Jesus on Influence

8. Mentoring.

Strategic Life Coaching.

9. Breaking the Genetic Code on Influence.

Universal Models of Applying Influence.

10. Influence Has an Org Chart.

Understanding the Four Spheres of Influence.

11. When Influence Becomes Influenza.

Influence Gone Bad.

12. Class-Seven Influence.

10,585 Days and Counting.


The Authors.

About Cornerstone Group.


Clout, or influence, according to Graves and Addington (co-authors of Behind the Bottom Line: Powering Business Life with Spiritual Wisdom and cofounders of the popular journal Life@Work), is ""a person's ability to shape people and mold outcomes."" It is a powerful force in society, but one often used primarily for personal ends. Graves, and Addington are business consultants, teachers and mentors whose goal is to help people negotiate the intersection between the world of business and the wisdom of the Bible. In this book they offer practical, engaging advice on how to gather, expand and wield influence for the good. They weave together personal anecdotes, quotes and themes from contemporary pundits, ancient wisdom about influence (a handful of fine chapters on Aristotle) and commonsense observations. Sometimes these are buttressed with biblical proverbs or examples (e.g., ""Jesus was less concerned with enforcement of rules and regulations than He was about an individual's heart""). It's easy to read, and the bullet points that conclude each chapter make it easy to review and apply. The authors' familiarity with the evangelical subculture - and their direct address to those who feel at home in it - might put off those who are hostile to faith-informed truth. However, almost anyone else will find this a valuable and influential resource. (May) (Publishers Weekly, April 28, 2003)