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Cluster Processes in Gases and Plasmas

Cluster Processes in Gases and Plasmas

Boris M. Smirnov

ISBN: 978-3-527-62865-0 September 2010 442 Pages


This reference on cluster physics in materials science draws upon the author's unrivalled experience in plasma science.
He covers in detail electromagnetic effects, cluster motion and growth, as well as aerosols, providing the knowledge instrumental for an understanding of nanostructure formation.
Around 400 case studies enable readers to directly relate the methods to their own individual tasks or projects.
Fundamentals of Large Clusters
Structures of Solid Clusters with Pairwise Atomic Interaction
Elementary Processes and Processes in Gases Involving Clusters
Clusters in External Fields
Cluster Transport in Gases and Diffusion-Limited Association of Clusters
Charging of Clusters in Ionized Gas
Ionization Equilibrium of Clusters in a Gas
Kinetics of Cluster Growth
Dusty Plasma
Aerosol Plasma
Cluster Plasma