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Clusters in Catalysis

Clusters in Catalysis

Thorsten M. Bernhard

ISBN: 978-1-119-42263-1

Apr 2020

376 pages


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This edited volume presents a comprehensive overview of the exciting new phenomena that emerge in the cluster size regime. The book focuses on the unique catalytic properties of clusters and cluster materials that result from such phenomena and in this regard, the book will be the first of its kind exclusively covering the subject of clusters in catalysis.

The book highlights a variety of different experimental and theoretical approaches such as gas phase methods, supported model catalysts, homogeneous solution phase cluster catalysis and ligand encapsulated catalysts that otherwise rarely can be found together in one volume. This will attract readers in various scientific communities and hopefully enable new interdisciplinary views on this attractive research field.

Following a tutorial introduction to the topic of cluster catalysis, the books goes on to cover the following topics:
• Gas phase cluster catalysis
• Catalysis by supported size selected clusters
• Monodisperse model nanocatalysts
• Cluster-based heterogeneous catalysts
• Clusters in homogeneous catalysis
• Encapsulated cluster catalysis
• Advanced simulations in cluster catalysis
• Challenges in cluster catalysis