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Coaching Through Effective Feedback

Coaching Through Effective Feedback

Paul J. Jerome

ISBN: 978-0-787-95107-8

Apr 1999, Pfeiffer

120 pages

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How do you openly work with a "poor team player"? Positively handle a "negative attitude"? Objectively deal with a "bad judgment"? Sensitively criticize your boss (and keep your job)? And, how do you praise others to capitalize on your team's strengths? The Feedback Planner--a powerful and professional coaching tool shared in this guidebook--shows you how. Now you can offer ideas for improvement and build your working relationships through successful communication!

Needing A Feedback Planner.

Stage 1: Describe Current Behaviors.

Stage 2: Identify Situations.

Stage 3: Describe Impacts and Consequences.

Stage 4: Identify Alternative Behaviors.

Understanding The Feedback Planner.

Using The Feedback Planner.

Refining The Feedback Planner With Style.


Appendix A. Feedback Planner Templates.

Appendix B. Reproducible Forms.