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Cocoa, 4th Edition

G. A. R. Wood, R. A. Lass

ISBN: 978-0-470-69842-6 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 620 Pages


The fourth edition of this highly regarded book has been considerably enlarged to cover all aspects of cocoa production. Higher prices for cocoa have led to much new knowledge about the plant and changes to its methods of production. These are discussed, along with new problems that have occurred and the fresh research projects that have been needed.


Note on terminology.

List of Plates.

List of Figures.

List of Maps.


1. History and development (G.A. R. Wood).

2. Botany, types and populations (H. Toxopeus).

3. Environment (G.A.R. Wood).

4. Planting material (H. Toxopeus).

5. Propagation (G.A.R. Wood).

6. Establishment (G.A.R. Wood).

7. Shade and nutrition (M. Wessel).

8. Maintenance and improvement of mature cocoa farms (R. A. Lass).

9. Replanting and rehabilitation of old cocoa farms (R.A. Lass).

10. Labour usage (R. A. Lass).

11. Diseases (R. A. Lass).

12. Insects and cocoa (P. F. Entwistle).

13. From harvest to store (G.A.R. Wood).

14. Quality and inspection (G.A.R. Wood).

15. Marketing (A.P. Williamson).

16. Production (G.A.R. Wood).

17. Consumption and manufacture (G.A.R. Wood).

Appendix 1. Visual symptoms of mineral malnutrition.

Appendix 2. International Cocoa Standards.

Appendix 3. Conversion factors.

Appendix 4. Publications on cocoa.