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Coded Content Distribution in DTN

Coded Content Distribution in DTN

Fabio Albini, Anelise Munaretto, Mauro Fonseca

ISBN: 978-1-119-10256-4

Nov 2021, Wiley-ISTE

144 pages


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The topic is about content distribution in disruption tolerant networks. In such complex networks, get an optimized distribution of the content became crucial for all applications. The content can be video, image, sound, text or any kind of data. The idea is to mitigate the constraints included in this kind of variable and opportunistic contact providing a best content distribution.

This book discusses a new manner to achieve content distribution or delivery in opportunistic networks. It is common to face the problem of content distribution only in the network way, improving throughput or routing. The idea exploited in this book is how to achieve a statistical reliability in DTNs’ information delivery. Challenges and research directions are presented.

1 Introduction

2 Disruption Tolerant Networking

3 Content distribution

4 Error Correcting Codes applied to Content Distribution

5 CD fitted to DTN

6. Conclusion