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Coffee: Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production: A Guidebook for Growers, Processors, Traders and Researchers

Coffee: Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production: A Guidebook for Growers, Processors, Traders and Researchers

Jean Nicolas Wintgens (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61962-7 April 2008 1022 Pages


A quick pick-me-up or a subtle beverage with an aroma that conjures up images of special moments shared with special people?
There's more to coffee than that. Apart from being a beautiful tree with fragrant flowers, coffee is also a culture, practically a religion to a certain elite and certainly a source of income to millions of people, rich and poor alike.
Coffee professionals around the world will find the specific information they need in this lavishly illustrated and practical work designed to answer all their questions about the coffee plant and how it is grown, harvested, processed and refined.
Specialists and experienced professionals were consulted and some 40 renowned international experts have contributed their specific knowledge and expertise to this comprehensive handbook, covering such topics as:
* Growing
* Pests, diseases, and their control
* Harvesting and processing
* Storage, shipment, quality
* The latest economical and technological aspects.
In addition, special indexes demystify such confusing data as information sources, conversion tables and other technicalities. With its 40 chapters, over 1000 pages and 900 superb illustrations, this is a universally reliable manual, providing basic guidelines and recommendations applicable everywhere, and not geared to any specific country.






1. The Coffee Plant (J. Wintgens).

2. Botany and Genetics of Coffee (A. Charrier & A. Eskes).

3. Coffee Selection and Breeding (A. Eskes & T. Leroy).

4. Coffee Propagation (J. Wintgens & A. Zamarripa).

5. Biotechnology Applied to Coffee (A. Zamarripa & V. Pétiard).

6. Environmental Factors Suitable for Coffee Cultivation (F. Descroix & J. Snoeck).

7. Establishing a Coffee Plantation (F. Descroix & J. Wintgens).

8. Crop Maintenance (J. Snoeck & C. Lambot).

9. Vermicomposting in Coffee Cultivation (E. Aranda, et al.).

10. Organic Coffee (L. Soca, et al.).

11. Frost in Coffee Crops: Frost Characteristics, Damaging Effects on Coffee and Alleviation Options (A. Paes de Camargo & M. B. Paes de Camargo).

12. Importance of Organic Matter and Biological Fertility in Coffee Soils (D. Snoeck & P. Vaast).

13. Sustainable Coffee Production (M. Saito).

14. Shade Management and its Effect on Coffee Growth and Quality (R. Muschler).


1. Coffee Pests in Africa (T. Crowe).

2. Major Pests of Coffee in Asia—Pacific Region (C. Lan & J. Wintgens).

3. Nematodes in Coffee (G. Castillo & J. Wintgens).

4. Coffee Diseases (R. Muller, et al.).

5. Viral Diseases in Coffee (E. Kitajima & C. Chagas).

6. Resistance to Coffee Leaf Rust and Coffee Berry Disease (C. Rodrigues & A. Eskes).

7. Spraying Equipment for Coffee (H. Pfalzer).

8. Quarantine for Coffee (D. Bieysse).


1. Yield Estimation and Harvest Period (C. Cilas & F. Descroix).

2. Harvesting and Green Coffee Processing (C. Brando).

3. Ecological Processing of Coffee and Use of Byproducts (R. Cleves).


1. Green Coffee Storage (J. Rojas).

2. Shipment of Green Coffee (E. Blank).

3. Green Coffee Defects (J. Wintgens).

4. Factors Influencing the Quality of Green Coffee (J. Wintgens).

5. Coffee Bean Quality Assessment (J. Wintgens).


1. Economical Aspects in Coffee Production (B. Rodriguez & M. Vasquez).

2. Technology Transfer (F. Martinez, et al.).


1. Units and Conversion Tables (J. Wintgens & H. Waldburger).

2. Infomation Source (C. Fardeau).

3. Data on Coffee (J. Wintgens).

4. Acronyms and Terms Used in Coffee Production (S. Bonnet-Evans).


"This book is unmatched as a current information source for anyone involved in coffee production or research, from farmers to tropical agronomy students." (E-STREAMS, February 2006)

"…an excellent and welcome addition to the coffee literature." (The Quarterly Review of Biology, December 2005)

“This comprehensive and practical book covers the cultivation, processing and sustainable production of coffee…” (Food Science & Technology Abstracts, Vol. 37 (7), 2005)

“…provides a good understanding of the technologies which have been responsible for increasing coffee yields…” (CAB Abstracts, 2005)