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Coffee - Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production: A Guidebook for Growers, Processors, Traders, and Researchers, 3rd Edition

Coffee - Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production: A Guidebook for Growers, Processors, Traders, and Researchers, 3rd Edition

Jean Nicolas Wintgens

ISBN: 978-3-527-69502-7

Jan 2020

650 pages


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Now in two volumes, this third edition is completely updated and enlarged with approximately 20% more content, providing all the knowledge the coffee professional will ever need.
Written by the leading experts in the business and endorsed by the International Coffee Organisation and the Specialty Coffee Organization of America, this is the "go-to" reference for coffee professionals. The whole of the billion dollar coffee business is covered here, capturing the entire value chain from grower to consumer. It describes methods of coffee cultivation, harvesting, processing, storage, quality assessment, and economics. It is unique in incorporating the latest research on the coffee plant, its pests and diseases, as well as biotechnological methods for improved breeds. It is equally unrivaled in addressing the long-term sustainability of current coffee production methods, showing modern alternatives to traditional practices.
New to this edition are chapters on types of green coffee, the influence of coffee on human health, and the treatment of coffee from green bean to coffee cup.
Last but not least, this ready reference is richly illustrated with more than 900 color photographs, dozens of drawings and diagrams, as well as a 100-page appendix resulting in the single most comprehensive source for coffee producers, traders and researchers.
Part I: Growing
The Coffee Plant
Botany, Genetics and Genomics of Coffee
Coffee Selection and Breeding
Coffee Propagation
Biotechnologies Applied to Coffee
Environmental Factors Suitable for Coffee Cultivation
Establishing a Coffee Plantation
Crop Maintenance
Vermicomposting in Coffee Cultivation
Organic Coffee
Frost in Coffee Crops: Frost Characteristics, Damaging Effects on Coffee and Alleviation Options
Importance of Organic Matter and Biological Fertility in Coffee Soils
Sustainable Coffee Production
Shade Management and its Effect on Coffee Growth and Quality
Part II: Pests & Diseases
Coffee Pests in Africa
Major Pests of Coffee in the Asia-Pacific Region
Nematodes in Coffee
Coffee Diseases
Viral Diseases in Coffee
Resistance to Coffee Leaf Rust and Coffee Berry Disease
Spraying Equipment for Coffee
Quarantine for Coffee
Part III: Harvesting & Processing
Yield Estimation and Harvest Period
Harvesting and Green Coffee Processing
Ecological Processing of Coffee and Use of Byproducts
Part IV: Storage, Shipment, Quality
Green Coffee Storage
Shipment of Green Coffee
Green Coffee Defects
Factors Influencing the Quality of Green Coffee
Coffee Bean Quality Assessment
Part V: Economics
Economic Aspects of Coffee Production
Technology Transfer
Part VI: Data & Information
Units and Conversion Tables
Information Sources
Data on Coffee
Acronyms and Terms used in Coffee Production

New Chapters:
Types of green coffee according to their origin, quality assessment and international classification
The influence of coffee on human health
Treatment of coffee, from green bean to coffee cup (roast, grinding, storage of roasted coffee, liquor preparation, etc.)
Types of roasted coffee on the domestic market and recommendations on how to evaluate and buy roasted coffee
The new role of Robusta on the coffee market
Coffee pests and diseases in Latin America and their control