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Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Core Principles for Practice



Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Core Principles for Practice

William T. O'Donohue (Editor), Jane E. Fisher (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-22887-6 June 2012 464 Pages


Learn and apply the 14 core principles of cognitive behavior therapy

In this invaluable guide, clinicians will find—identified and summarized by leading researchers and clinicians—fourteen core principles that subsume the more than 400 cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment protocols currently in use, so they may apply them to their everyday practice. This unique contribution to the field provides practitioners with a balance of history, theory, and evidence-based applications.

Edited by renowned experts in the field, Cognitive Behavior Therapy explores the core principles behind all CBT protocols including:

  • Clinical functional analysis
  • Skills training
  • Exposure
  • Relaxation
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Problem solving
  • Self-regulation

A straightforward introduction to CBT principles with guidance for all mental health professionals seeking to improve the lives of clients spanning a range of psychological problems, Cognitive Behavior Therapy is designed for both new and experienced clinicians alike who want to deepen and broaden their understanding of CBT principles.

Chapter 1: The Core Principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (William T. O’Donohue and Jane E. Fisher)

Chapter 2: Clinical Functional Analysis: Understanding the Contingencies of Reinforcement (Clair Rummel, Christina Garrison-Diehn, Casey Catlin, Jane E. Fisher)

Chapter 3: Skills Training (Michael P. Twohig and John P. Dehlin)

Chapter 4: Exposure Therapy: Promoting Emotional Processing of Pathological Anxiety (Alyson K. Zalta and Edna B. Foa)

Chapter 5: Relaxation (Holly Hazlett-Stevens and Douglas A. Bernstein)

Chapter 6: Cognitive Restructuring (Robert L. Leahy and Simon A. Rego)

Chapter 7: Problem Solving (Arthur M. Nezu and Christine Maguth Nezu)

Chapter 8: Self-Regulation (Paul Karoly)

Chapter 9: Behavioral Activation (Jonathan W. Kanter and Ajeng J. Puspitasari)

Chapter 10: Social Skills (Joanna E. Strong Kinnaman and Alan S. Bellack)

Chapter 11: Emotion Regulation and CBT (Anthony Papa, Matthew Boland, and M. Todd Sewell)

Chapter 12: Communication (Justin A. Lavner and Thomas N. Bradbury)

Chapter 13: Principles of Positive Psychology (Jeana L. Magyar-Moe)

Chapter 14: Acceptance and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Kelly G. Wilson, Maureen K. Flynn, Michael Bordieri, Stephanie Nassar, Nadia Lucas, and Kerry Whiteman)