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Cognitive Neuroscience: A Reader



Cognitive Neuroscience: A Reader

Michael S. Gazzaniga (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21660-5 January 1991 Wiley-Blackwell 540 Pages

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Cognitive Neuroscience: A Reader provides the first definitive collection of readings in this burgeoning area of study.


Part I: History and Methods of CNS:.

1. The Birth of the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute: M. S. Gazzaniga.

2. Perspectives on Cognitive Neuroscience: P. S. Churchland and T. J. Sejnowski.

3. Electrical and Magnetic Brain Recordings: S. A. Hillyard.

4. Behind the Scenes of Functional Brain Imaging: M. E. Raichle.

Part II: Perception:.

5. Exploration of the Primary Visual Cortex: D. H. Hubel.

6. The Parietal System and Some Higher Brain Functions: Vernon B. Mountcastle.

7. The Visual Pathways Mediating Perception and Prehension: M. A. Goodale, L. S. Jakobson and P. Servos.

8. Neural Mechanisms for Forming a Perceptual Decision: C. D. Salzman and W. T. Newsome.

9. James J. Gibson - An appreciation: K. Nakayama.

Part III: Attention:.

10. Attentional networks: M. I. Posner and S. Dehaene.

11. Attentional Resolution and the Locus of Visual Awareness: S. He, P. Cavanagh and J. Intriligator.

12. Information-Processing of Visual-Stimuli in an Extinguished Field: B. T. Volpe, J. E. Ledoux and M. S. Gazzaniga.

13. Negative Priming Between Pictures and Words in a Selective Attention Task - Evidence for Semantic Processing of Ignored Stimuli: S. P. Tipper and J. Driver.

Part IV: Imagery:.

14. Mental Rotation of Three-Dimensional Objects: R. N. Shepard, and J. Metzler.

15. Unilateral Neglect of Representational Space: E. Bisiach, & C. Luzzatti,.

16. Topographical Representations of Mental Images in Primary Visual Cortex: S. M. Kosslyn, W. L. Thompson, I. J. Kim & N. M. Alpert.

Part V: Plasticity and Development:.

17. The Effect of Crossing Nerves to Antagonistic Muscles in the Hind Limb of the Rat: R. W. Sperry.

18. Spatial Integration and Cortical Dynamics: C. D. Gilbert, A. Das, M. Ito, M. Kapadia and G. Westheimer.

19. Cortical Mechanisms of Cognitive Development: Mark H. Johnson.

Part VI: Memory:.

20. Loss of Recent Memory after Bilateral Hipposcampal Lesions: W. B. Scoville and B. Milner.

21. Episodic Memory, Semantic Memory, and Amnesia: L. R. Squire and S. M. Zola.

22. Working Memory - The Interface Between Memory and Cognition: A. Baddeley.

23. Understanding Implicit Memory: A Cognitive Neuroscience Approach: D. L. Schacter.

Part VII: Action and Executive Function:.

24. Cognitive Neurophysiology of the Motor Cortex: A. P. Georgopoulos, Masato Taira, Alexander Lukashin.

25. Vision for the Control of Movement: R. H. Wurtz.

26. Combining Versus Gating Motor Programs: Differential Roles for Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia?: W. T. Thach, J. W. Mink, H. P. Goodkin, & J. G. Keating.

27. Attention to Action: Willed and Automatic Control of Behavior: D. A. Norman and T. Shallice.

28. Architecture of the Prefrontal Cortex and the Central Executive: P. S. Goldman-Rakic.

Part VIII: Language:.

29. Category-Specific Naming Deficit Following Cerebral Infarction: J. Hart, R. S. Berndt, and A. Caramazza.

30. Right-Hemisphere Language Following Brain Bisection - A 20-Year Perspective: M. S. Gazzaniga.

31. Current Thinking on Language Structures: Marta Kutas.

Part IX: Evolution:.

32. Why Does the Brain Have So Many Visual Areas?: J. H. Kaas.

33. Antibodies and Learning: Selection versus Instruction: Jerne, Niels and Kaj.

34. The Argument From Animals to Humans in Cognitive Neuroscience: T. M. Preuss.


"This book will enjoy a wide readership." Robert R. Rafal, Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Neuropsychology, University of Wales, Bangor

"An excellent set of readings." Professor Tim Shallice, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College, London

  • The first definitive collection of readings in cognitive neuroscience
  • Edited by one of the leading researchers in the field
  • Introductions and contextualisations provide a context for each section's papers.