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Cognitive Psychology and Emotional Disorders, 2nd Edition

Cognitive Psychology and Emotional Disorders, 2nd Edition

J. Mark G. Williams, Fraser N. Watts, Colin M. MacLeod, Andrew Mathews

ISBN: 978-0-471-94430-0

Jul 1997

416 pages

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This book responds to the explosion of interest in using the methods of experimental cognitive psychology to help understand emotional disorders, especially common anxiety and depressive disorders. It reviews recent research, focusing on how emotion affects the following: conscious and non-conscious processing, memory bias and memory deficits, attentional bias, schematic processing, judgements, thoughts and images. It also explores how irregularities in these processes can contribute to emotional disorders
The Cognitive Approach to Emotional Disorders.
The Information-processing Paradigm.
Cognitive Impairments.
Attention to Emotional Stimuli, I: Causes and Correlates.
Attention to Emotional Stimuli, II: Mechanisms Underlying Bias.
Thoughts and Images.
Nonconscious Processing.
Theoretical Overview.