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Coherent Laser Beam Combining

Coherent Laser Beam Combining

Arnaud Brignon (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-41150-4

Oct 2013

498 pages

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Laser beam combining techniques allow increasing the power of lasers far beyond what it is possible to obtain from a single conventional laser.One step further, coherent beam combining (CBC) also helps to maintain the very unique properties of the laser emission with respect to its spectral and spatial properties. Such lasers are of major interest for many applications, including industrial, environmental, defense, and
scientific applications. Recently, significant progress has beenmade in coherent beam combining lasers, with a total output power of 100 kW already achieved. Scaling
analysis indicates that further increase of output power with excellent beam quality is feasible by using existing state-of-the-art lasers. Thus, the knowledge of coherent beam combining techniques will become crucial for the design of next-generation highpower lasers. The purpose of this book is to present the more recent concepts of coherent beam combining by world leader teams in the field.
Part A: Coherent combining with active phase control
Engineering of coherently combined, high- power laser systems
Coherent beam combining of fiber amplifiers via LOCSET
Kilowatt coherent beam combining of high- power fiber amplifiers using single- frequency dithering technique
Active coherent combination using hill- climbing based algorithms for fiber and semiconductor amplifiers
Collective coherent cimbining of a large number of fiber amplifiers
Coherent beam combining and atmospheric compensation with adaptive fiber- array systems
Refractive index changes in rare- earth- doped optical fibers and their application for all- fiber coherent beam combining
Coherent beam combining of pulsed fiber amplifiers in the long- pulse regime (nano- to micro- second)
Coherent beam combing in the femtosecond regime
Part B: Passive and self- organized phase locking
Modal theory of coupled resonators for external cavity beam combining
Self- organized fiber beam combining
Coherent combining and phase locking of fiber lasers
Intracavity combining of quantum cascade lasers
Phase conjugate self- organised coherent beam combination
Coherent beam combining using phase controlled stimulated brillouin scattering phase conjugate mirror

“This could be a guide for scientists and engineers who are working on high-power lasers in the fields of industrial, environmental, defense and scientific applications.”  (Optics & Photonics News, 28 February 2014)