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Coherent Optical Communications Systems


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Coherent Optical Communications Systems

Silvello Betti, Giancarlo De Marchis, Eugenio Iannone

ISBN: 978-0-471-57512-2 February 1995 560 Pages


A comprehensive look at state-of-the-art theory and practice

This book offers an in-depth look at state-of-the-art technologiesand systems configurations available to telecommunicationsengineers who design optical communications networks. It alsoprovides designers with precise analytical methods with which tocomparatively assess available components and systemsconfigurations for performance, reliability, and practicality.Designed to afford readers the fullest possible understanding ofthe similarities and dissimilarities existing between variousmodulation and demodulation schemes, Coherent OpticalCommunications Systems offers:
* A timely review of the physical properties of all major opticaland optoelectronic components
* The latest thinking on direct detection systems, alone or inconjunction with optical amplifiers
* A comprehensive technical review of both conventional and novelsystem structures
* Detailed discussions of the characteristics of optical frequencydivision multiplexed systems
* A detailed look at contemporary optical systems implementationsand the practical limitations of various system schemes

This valuable professional resource offers a timely, in-depth lookat the many new and innovative technologies and systemsconfigurations available to telecommunications engineers who designoptical communications networks. In addition to providing a broadranging review of state-of-the-art technologies and systems, itarms designers with comprehensive analytical tools with which tocomparatively assess available components and systemsconfigurations for performance, reliability, andpracticality.

The authors, all three of whom are leading international experts inthe field, begin their discussion with a thought-provokingassessment of optical communications from an information theorypoint of view. They explore the theoretical and empiricalfoundations of optical communications systems and opticaltechnologies in general and consider the broad implications of anumber of recent experimental advances.

The remainder of the book is devoted to more basic issues.Organized so as to give readers a fuller understanding of thesimilarities and dissimilarities between the various modulation anddemodulation schemes and their practical implementations, thebook's coverage progresses logically from the physical propertiesof individual components to systems design issues. Initial chaptersoffer the authors' insightful analyses of the physical propertiesof optical and optoelectronic components, including single modeoptical fibers and fiber-based optical devices, semiconductorlasers, semiconductor amplifiers, optical modulators, andphotodiodes. From there, the authors move on to a discussion of thelatest thinking on direct detection systems, in which they offertheir expert evaluation of the possibilities of such systems, aloneor in conjunction with optical amplifiers. Following chaptersinclude a comprehensive technical review of both conventional andnovel system structures; a detailed discussion of thecharacteristics of optical frequency division multiplexed systems;a review of contemporary optical systems implementations; andfinally, an in-depth look at the practical limitations of varioussystem schemes.

Coherent Optical Communications Systems is an importantprofessional resource for all those involved with the design ofmodern telecommunications systems.
Theory of Optical Communications.

Fiber Devices for Optical Communication Systems.

Integrated Devices for Optical Communication Systems.

Direct Detection Optical Communication Systems.

Coherent Systems: Structure and Ideal Performance.

Performance Degradation Sources in Coherent Optical Systems.

Multilevel Coherent Optical Systems.

Multichannel Optical Systems.

Present-Day Systems Implementations.