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Collaborative Process Improvement: With Examples from the Software World

Collaborative Process Improvement: With Examples from the Software World

Celeste Labrunda Yeakley, Jeffrey D. Fiebrich

ISBN: 978-1-119-13466-4 October 2015 Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr 376 Pages


This practical, user-friendly handbook specifically addresses software companies that are interested in implementing effective improvement processes into the daily work life of every employee. A wealth of checklists, templates, exercises, tips, and pitfalls to avoid make it easy for readers to integrate quality awareness into their organization’s day-to-day processes at every level.
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Chapter 1. Your World-Understanding Your Situation and Preparing First Steps.

Chapter 2. Welcome to the World-Establishing Advocates and Champions.

Chapter 3. Drawing Your Map-Initiating your CPI Program.

Chapter 4. World Vision-Training the Organization.

Chapter 5. World Views-Addressing the Capital Q.

Chapter 6. Around the World-Acknowledging Cultural Diversity.

Chapter 7. Move Your World-Managing Change.

Chapter 8. Rock Your World-Encouraging Process Perpetual Motion.

Chapter 9. Your World of Influence-Sneezing and Spreading the Improvement Virus.

Chapter 10. World Climate-Checking for Vital Signs.

Chapter 11. World Health-Evaluating Progress.

Chapter 12. World News-Rewarding and Recognizing Work.

Chapter 13. Modern World-Building Meaningful Quality Pictures.

Chapter 14. One World-Uniting Your Change Maps with the New World View.



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"..perfectly suitable for an audience with no or little previous knowledge…experienced readers can also find…reading it worthwhile." (Computing, June 22, 2007)