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Collaborative R&D: Manufacturing's New Tool



Collaborative R&D: Manufacturing's New Tool

Gene Allen, Rick Jarman

ISBN: 978-0-471-31994-8 April 1999 336 Pages

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The ability to collaborate, particularly in new manufacturing technology development, is becoming a corporate competence that will determine which companies survive in the next decade. With the advent of the telecommunications and information infrastructure realized in the 1990s, companies that can effectively collaborate to get new technologies applied will stand a greater chance of remaining competitive in today's market.

Collaborative R&D offers the methods and metrics for developing collaborative technology programs and partnerships, both within the industry and between major competitors. R&D experts Allen and Jarman provide a complete map for collaboration, taken from their collective years of experience in creating, promoting, and managing many collaborative R&D initiatives over the past decade. They include the guidelines for determining what technology development areas are appropriate for collaboration, and what ingredients need to be in place for it to be successful.

The authors' experiences are detailed in a format that walks the reader through the process of identifying, starting, and managing collaborative R&D programs. Having developed these programs with companies like Ford, Texas Instruments, Boeing, AT&T, and Kodak, Allen and Jarman include numerous real-world examples, which show how to choose collaborative partners, how to use the government in establishing R&D programs, successful management techniques, means of addressing intellectual property, and how to address accounting concerns.

The book also illustrates the significant benefits of collaborative R&D, helping managers and technology professionals realize its value by enabling them to make the most knowledgeable decisions and take the best actions possible, in any given situation. Among some of the benefits that have resulted from the authors' collaborative programs:
* Pratt & Whitney developed software tools that enabled them to keep one of their plants from closing.
* Ford reduced a two-week design process to four hours.
* An acceleration by at least a year in 32 key Printed Wiring Board research tasks resulted in research savings of about $35.5 million.

Collaborative R&D is valuable reading for any business that plans to thrive in a new global economy where all available financial and human assets will need to be leveraged for the greatest return-and with minimal risk.

"R&D means innovation, productivity, and growth-the three things our economy needs the most. This important new book explains how and why the R&D revolution is transforming American industry, a theme everyone who cares about the future of our economy should understand." -Jerry Jasinowski, President, National Association of Manufacturers.

"Allen and Jarman provide the definitive pathway to competitive advantage through collaborative R&D, the new tool for cost-effective innovation in the twenty-first century." -Leo Reddy, President, National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing.

"Collaboration among companies is very new in American industry. Most companies are still striving to have their own employees collaborate with each other. This book portrays the strength and power of intercompany collaboration." -Jack E. Swindle, Senior Vice President, Texas Instruments.

"This is a must read for any entrepreneur thinking of becoming involved in cross-organizational collaboration, for any corporate executive concerned about how cross-organizational R&D collaboration will help his company to remain competitive in the future, and for any manager who is responsible for managing people involved in cross-organizational collaborative efforts." -Dr. Ann Majchrzak, Professor of Information Systems, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

"Collaborative R&D is mandatory reading for any enterprise leader looking to expand and leverage market influence." -Mike McEvoy, Vice President, Advanced Engineering and Design Center, Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

The Manufacturing Business Perspective.

Benefits of Collaboration.


The End-User Champion.

The Vision.

The Network.




Network a Vision.

Initial Meeting.

Internal Company/Organization Commitment.

Government Assistance.


Individual Relationships and Trust.

Process Understanding.

Contractual Agreements.


Collaborative Program Management.

Project Selection and Approval.

Project Implementation.




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